COVID-19 and Weddings in Denmark  

Because of the new COVID-19 restrictions worldwide, only residents of a few select countries can enter Denmark, depending on how the epidemiological picture looks like. To keep an eye on the situation and know which countries are permitted to enter Denmark, check out the Corona Info website (in English).

We still  process the applications through the Danish Authorities and continue get approvals (marriage license).The most important thing now is to be flexible with respect to the date.


If you want to plan your wedding in Denmark for the Spring-Summer 2021 season, which is really closer than it sounds– you are more than welcome to book your day now.

Our Flexibile Solution for Planning a Wedding During Covid

If you are flexible and want to get married in Denmark as in the near future as soon as the situation will allow, we can offer you following solution to help you ease your mind:


  1. Get in contact with us regarding the date and package you are interested in.

  2. Deposit EUR 300 to initiate the paperwork process.

  3. Collect necessary documents.

  4. We begin the process and legalities to make your marriage possible.

  5. You receive your marriage approval license which confirms you are eligible for a marriage in Denmark. This confirmation is valid for 4 months according to Danish law.

  6. For certain town halls, we can easily book your wedding date in advance and just change the date if there is an issue because of COVID-19.

  7. If your country does not open its borders with Denmark after 4 months, we will renew your marriage license at no extra cost.

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