Please allow me the pleasure of introducing you to the captivating and unforgettable: Danish islands of Lolland- Falster, Møn and Bornholm. The stories begin here – you begin here ...



Lolland-Falster are a picturesque combination of green plains and hills intertwined with the water surface. Lolland-Falster is one big island nation, with distinct cities, a cozy atmosphere, and smaller but none the less unique experiences waiting all year around.



A nature rich and fascinating Møn. Unique island with steep cliffs, flat shoreline meadows and coast as far as the eye can see. Add a colored brush of Danish history and the sound of some of Denmark’s finest shopping towns and gourmet restaurants.



Bornholm is a cute little Baltic island of culinary wonders and laid-back island living. Here are more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in the country, and it has a dramatic rocky coast with some fine sandy beaches, green grass, white churches and bright sun.

Head off to Denmark!

Denmark is a country with a thousand-year history, the green pearl of Scandinavia, the birthplace of Lego and the storyteller Hans Christian Andersen, the birthplace of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and the legendary Vikings.

You will enjoy the local pristine nature. You can see a lot of beautiful lakes with sand beaches, visit small gingerbread farms and, of course, ancient fortresses. More than 800 castles give the charm to the country, here you touch the history and feel that nothing has changed since then.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the Danish climate. Even in January, the temperature here rarely drops below zero, and sunny weather adds charm to the fabulous views of cities, inviting you to go for a walk immediately.

We live on the Danish islands of the South Sea (Yes, yes – that’s what it is called. In fact, this is the southernmost part of Denmark, islands located in the Baltic Sea). The name sounds like a dream, as well as the nature here: white slope beaches, brightly colored houses and very friendly people are waiting for you!

The main wedding venues offered by us are on the islands of Lolland, Falster, Møn and Bornholm. Of course, with us you can book a customized tours and excursions and get acquainted with other parts of Denmark and with its capital – Copenhagen.

You do not want to leave Denmark, because there are still so many amazing discoveries and mysteries in it, but let you be warmed by the idea that there are still many real miracles ahead.

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