Loving Couple at their destination wedding abroad in Denmark

Why a Destination Wedding abroad is cheaper than you think

Destination weddings are extremely popular nowadays, with growing number of couples choosing to exchange their vows on a Scandinavian cliffs or white sandy beach in tropics, instead of in their home countries. Couples are interested to experience new traditions, culture, and people, and probably to combine their ceremony with a honeymoon.

Have you always dreamed of getting married in Denmark, or Greece or Italy and thought it would be too expensive compared to a wedding at home?  Well think again.  Here are five reasons why choosing a destination wedding abroad is cheaper than you think. 

Destination weddings abroad tend to be smaller

Newlyweds Embrace at their destination wedding abroad in Denmark

You are likely to have fewer guests than a wedding at home.  Weddings tend to priced per head so it stands to reason that more guests mean a greater cost.  Destination weddings abroad tend to be smaller more intimate affairs so consequently can cost significantly less than a larger wedding at home.  You can always have a party at home afterwards for those who you were unable to invite to the wedding.  

The wedding and a honeymoon all in one

Destination Wedding Day couple walking in the park in Denmark

It’s a wedding and a honeymoon all in one.  Studies have shown that couples are happy to spend twice as much on a honeymoon as they would on a regular holiday.  With an average of £4,000 (€4664) spent.  Throw that budget into your destination wedding abroad and you basically get a wedding with a honeymoon thrown in for free!

Destination wedding planner

Wedding planner and beach wedding destination

You will use a wedding planner.  ‘But don’t they cost money’ I hear you cry.  Well yes, but in the long run they pay for themselves.  They know the local area, they understand local customs and traditions, they know the local wedding industry inside out.  They already have established rates with all the wedding suppliers in the area. 

Arranging your own wedding in another country is not easy.  It’s a full-time job and we’re guessing you’ve already got one of those.  For stress free wedding planning you do the fun part of creating your wedding and choosing everything you want, and you then get to leave the boring admin to the professionals.

All inclusive packages for wedding abroad

A setup for destination all inclusive beach wedding abroad

You’ll probably being using an all-inclusive package.  Many people fear the word ‘all-inclusive’ because they think it means ‘expensive’.  Look at it more as meaning ‘no hidden costs.’  And there are likely to be more hidden costs in a destination wedding abroad because they’ll always be something you didn’t think about, or didn’t even know to think about. 


Budgeting for your wedding abroad is considerably easier if you know up front exactly what you’re paying and exactly what you’ll get.   When it comes to weddings, going all-inclusive gives you real peace of mind.  The destination wedding industry is very competitive so it’s unlikely any venue or wedding planning service are going to overprice themselves. 

Safe your time

Happy Couple safe time choosing destination wedding planner

you’ll save so much time as everything is being taken care of somewhere else by somebody else.  Meaning you can get on with earning money to pay for it.  It also frees you up to look to make discounts in other areas such as on your dress or your flights. 

It will also save you the emotional cost of wedding politics that can make an appearance when you arrange a large wedding at home.  The weight of other people’s expectations can be a burden when arranging a traditional wedding.  Whereas with a destination wedding abroad your guests will be told where they need to go, when they need to go there and what will happen when they get there.  It’s a beautiful wedding adventure that you can all look forward to enjoying together.  Now, isn’t that something to get excited about. 

Happy couple going to the destination wedding abroad

I hope this blog has been helpful to those of you who are considering a destination wedding abroad.  We plan beautiful Danish Island weddings through an array of wedding packages with prices ranging from €700 (£605) through to €3,800 (£3,286) turning the dream of getting married in Denmark into a very affordable reality. 


So, if you think getting married in Denmark is for you - then why not get in touch.  We’d love to hear from you.