Sergey & Ivan got married in Denmark

In more than 40 countries around the world, same-sex marriage is already allowed. For Russian gays and lesbians this opportunity is closed, the only way for them is to legitimize their relations in Europe, and afterwards to live  in Russia - together, but underground.

Ivan met Sergey on a dating site. Ivan worked as a manager in a construction company, and Sergey was a hairdresser-stylist. After half a year, the couple began to live together.

Ivan: In Russia, the attitude towards the LGBT community is ambiguous, many allow themselves to send offensive comments, often gays are denied promotion on the career ladder, not realizing that gays are the same people as everyone else.

The day before our next trip to Europe, we learned that non-resident foreigners could marry in Denmark, and the Danish wedding planner Nordic Adventure Weddings successfully organizes weddings for LGBT couples, taking care of all legal matters.

Sergey: In most countries, it is impossible for gays to marry, but in Denmark anyone can come and be married. It will be valid under Danish law, legalized by affixing an Apostille and valid in all countries where same-sex marriage is legalized. Except Russia.

But it was important for the couple to know that they are officially married and even though the marriage is not valid in Russia, family and responsibility for a partner are in the first place for them.

Now Ivan and Sergey live happy together in Moscow. The guys are grateful to Nordic Adventure Weddings for the unique opportunity to register same-sex marriage in Denmark.

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