Dana & Sorina got 

married  in Denmark

Even though same-sex marriage is legalized in more than 25 countries around the world, Romania does not recognize same-sex marriage.

Dana and Sorina had known each other for a long time, but they started dating 2 years ago.

Dana: Sorina and I share similar political and social views, we expressed our position in social networks and began to correspond - this is how our affair began.

We do not advertise our relationship, but if we want to hold hands, we do. Sorina is cautious and believes that it is not safe to talk open about her orientation in Romania. I think that we should not succumb to the system, and we must fight discrimination.

Sorina: Dana proposed to me in a restaurant. It was both simple and not, because registering a lesbian marriage in Romania is impossible, but for me it meant a lot, because we love each other. Shortly before, our gay- friends registered their marriage in Denmark. They said that Denmark provides a unique opportunity for foreign gay and lesbian couples to register their relationship. As a result, we went to Denmark, where the wedding planner Nordic Adventure Weddings organized our wedding. It was incredibly romantic, the ceremony was held on the beach, which is very unusual for Romania, and we really liked it.

We spent six days in Denmark, on the island of Lolland, and spent our honeymoon there.

We received a marriage certificate in our hands, certified by an Apostille. And although our marriage in Romania is not recognized, we know that we are really married and will recommend same-sex couples to marry in Denmark, and Nordic Adventure Weddings will help them in this matter.

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