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A new trend in wedding traditions: Adventure weddings and elopements.

Updated: Mar 22

Nordic Adventure Weddings

How do you feel about an adventurous elopement?

Only you two and an incredible beauty, nature, a feeling of complete freedom and yours “I do”, picked up by the Scandinavian wind - is not this a fairy tale?

Interest in such weddings is increasing every year. And if a few years ago it was mainly American couples, originally living on farms and in small villages and accustomed to nature and silence, now the adventurous wedding is attractive for active couples, especially those living in large cities. Such couples live a full life in the city, and when they get out on a trip, they want to enjoy freedom to the full, or try new activities.

Briefly about the concept: the wedding day is planned to be very intense, and the couple decides what to do. The wedding ceremony takes place outdoors, at some incredible and picturesque place. It can be an old lighthouse on the seashore, or a cliff with a crazy view of the Baltic Sea, or a dilapidated chapel in the forest, or a park at the castle, or a golf course! A wedding on the horseback, a wedding in a boat, a wedding in an old fortress – and more, and more…! There are a maximum of 2-4 guests, a wedding dress is optional, or sneakers are worn under it, because walking in the woods or climbing the spiral staircase of a lighthouse in shoes is uncomfortable, the groom has a backpack behind the back (yes, it happens), the daily program is scheduled in minutes , the guide takes you around the islands, climbs the hills with you, tells you about the story and leads you through unexplored paths.

Our task, as the organizers of the wedding, is to plan your day so that you have time to do everything you ever wanted to try. It can be a horse ride along the small paths of the Danish forest, or a game of golf, or a balloon ride, or a hicking along the coastal cliffs. The choice is yours.

We need to make a lot: to look at the old castle, and to taste beer at a local brewery, and to pick up shells from the Danish sandy beach, and most importantly - the whole story of your adventure - all day - is captured by a professional photographer who spends all day with you.

How do you like this kind of wedding?