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Barbara and Alessio Intimate Wedding in the ancient Church on the Cliffs

A portrait of the couple holding their intimate wedding abroad in Denmark on the cliffs

Barbara and Alessio, a newlywed couple from Italy, recently tied the knot with each other and decided to have their small intimate wedding abroad in the blissful and open armed country of Denmark.

Newlywed kissing on the balcony of Højerup Church as they getting married abroad in Denmark

Getting married in Denmark did not stop the couple from sharing their beautiful moment of celebration with their loved ones, as both of their families were able to travel to Denmark with them and attend the wonderful ceremony. This meant that each of their close family members also had the luxury to enjoy the beauty of Denmark, and experience something like never before.

A group of newlywed guests having fun during their small intimate wedding abroad in Denmark

The couple chose “Magical Touch” wedding package out of the many spectacular packages available. This package truly offers something special as it is located on the beautiful Stevns Klint, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A view to the beautiful Stevns Klint, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Stevns Klint is a breathtaking cliff along the edge of Denmark offering sensational views and scenery in the area on the coast of the peaceful Baltic Sea. It is known for being a very historical site and was actually placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List due to the fact that it has such a huge abundance of fossils and ancient artifacts. It could be stated that history was made once again on this beautiful day as Barbara and Alessio made their marriage to each other official.

A bride and groom walking to the Stevns church - one of the best Denmark wedding venues

The small intimate wedding abroad took place inside of an ancient church which is currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site just like Stevns Klint.

An example and inspiration how to decorate the church for the wedding ceremony

Civil wedding in Denmark in the ancient church where you can get married abroad simply

The families of both Barbara and Alessio were in attendance at the historical church. Everyone was very excited to see the newlywed couple walk down the aisle and say their wedding vows to each other. The room was filled with smiles and laughter and the airways filled with joy and happiness. It was quite an exciting experience for everyone involved.

Families of newlywed makin photo of the couple as they getting married in Denmark

A bride laughing in the front of the church where she will marry abroad simply

Newlywed laughing and posing in the front of Stevns klint where they hold their marriage in Denmark

Incredible Views from Stevns Klint

Afterwards the couple exited the historical church through its balcony where they had their wedding photos taken. The view from the balcony was quite impeccable, as the beautiful coast of Denmark along with the blue Baltic Sea could be seen while the sun shone down on this beautiful, bright day of Barbara’s and Alessio’s wedding.

Newlywed on the balcony with a Baltic sea view which is one of the best wedding venue in Europe

Barbara and Alessio enjoyed the rest of their day sharing cake, drinking champagne and strolling through the amazing nature at Stevns Klint. They seemed more than satisfied with their decision of getting married in Denmark, and having their family there to celebrate with them made it even sweeter.

A couple cutting the cake at their Danish island wedding at Stevns klint

A couple toasting with their wedding guests as they hold their intimate wedding abroad in Europe

A couple posing on the balcony of the church which is best wedding venue in Europe for getting married abroad

A bride and groom hold each other in hands at their wedding abroad organized by Denmark wedding planner

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