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Megan and Aniruddha’s Elopement Wedding

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

A couple posing by the roses bush at their elopement wedding in Denmark

When it comes to eloping abroad, so many couples choose a Maribo wedding in Denmark. This pretty town on the Danish Island of Lolland is fondly known by the locals as ‘the town of love’.

We arrange elopement weddings for foreign couples looking to marry abroad. So, it’s fair to say that Megan and Aniruddha placed their wedding in very safe and experienced hands.

Megan and Aniruddha at their elopement wedding in Denmark

Megan from the USA, and Aniruddha from India, met whilst both working in Poland where they still live today.Like many couples they had to adjust their wedding plans because of the global pandemic.

A bride holding her groom for the face as they eloping abroad in Denmark

They’d been hoping to have two weddings in their own countries, but with the constant changes in travel restrictions it wasn’t possible and this pair of love birds just couldn’t wait any longer. So that’s where we came in.

Romantic elopement wedding in Denmark

Megan and Aniruddha opted for a romantic elopement wedding in Denmark and chose to have a wedding ceremony in Maribo Town Hall.

A couple reading vows in Danish town hall Maribo

Maribo is a charming and historically rich town on the Island of Lolland and its Town Hall is perfect for elopement weddings. It has elegant wood floors and a rustic oak beamed ceiling that creates a cosy yet stylish space perfect an elopement wedding in Denmark.

A couple toasting at their elopement wedding in Denmark town hall

Megan looked amazing in a gorgeous v-neck dress with beautiful lace detailing and her cascading hair adorned with a delicate flowered hairband. She beamed all day (us Denmark wedding planners do love a smiley bride!) And Aniruddha looked very smart in a light grey three-piece-suit.

A romantic photo of the newlyweds in Maribo town hall in Denmark

After a beautiful and intimate ceremony, Megan and Aniruddha signed the register and enjoyed a drink to toast their union before heading out for a walk around Maribo Town with one of our adventure photographers.

A bride signing Danish marriage certificate in town hall wedding in Denmark in Maribo

Fun Maribo Town elopement wedding

Megan and Aniruddha were so much fun to photograph.They were really present in the moment just laughing, chatting, dancing and enjoying one another’s company.There’s a saying that ‘couples who play together – stay together’ so if that’s true it’s fair to say that Megan and Aniruddha have nothing to worry about.

Newlyweds have fun on Maribo streets where they eloped to get married in Denmark

A dancing couple by Maribo lake, where they get married in Denmark eloping.

Kissing couple near Maribo town hall where they eloping and have their elopement wedding in Denmark

A couple having fun on Maribo streets after their elopement wedding ceremony in Denmark

They were so relaxed in front of the camera and the results were some amazing images that I know they’re delighted with. Here, take a look!

A romantic dance by Maribo lake, the place for the elopement weddings in Denmark

And Maribo Town provided the perfect backdrop for their romantic photoshoot with its colourful half-timber buildings, cobbled streets and serene lakes.

Newlyweds captured at the intimate moment after their intimate wedding in Denmark in town hall.

We loved arranging Megan and Aniruddha’s gorgeous elopement wedding in Denmark. Congratulations to both of you. We hope you get to continue your wedding celebrations in the USA and India soon!

If you’re thinking of getting married in Denmark then why not get in touch. We can turn your dreams of getting married abroad into a beautiful and affordable reality.

Photo: Wadham Scholz

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