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Wedding Day Kisses – Pucker-up People!

A groom kissing his bride while they getting married on Danish island of Lolland

When we capture adventure weddings in the Danish Islands our couples happily and spontaneously kiss one another throughout the day. This is because they are exploring the Danish Islands for their elopement or small wedding. They don’t have that pressure of a formal ceremony with 200 people looking at them. They’re too busy having their own wedding adventure.

Newlyweds kissing pattionately during their adventure Nordic wedding

The tradition of kissing at the end of your wedding ceremony is popular in most western cultures. It is said to date right back to the reign of the roman empire when of course it was assumed that the groom had never kissed the bride before. The kiss was thought to seal the bond of the contract of marriage.

A bride and groom kissing passionately at their small beach wedding in Denmark

These days it’s more of a fun tradition and a way of marking the end of the ceremony. Though the term ‘you may now kiss the bride’ does sound quite dated these days.

Kissing your partner on your wedding day is the most natural thing in the world, though doing it in front of everybody in an orchestrated and staged way can understandably feel a little daunting.

Newlyweds kissing while guest trow ris on them after they get married in Denmark

Everybody has their own feelings about public displays of affection, add to that the fact that some families are more conservative than others and some cultures more open to public displays of affection than others. Also, think about your venue, a religious building won’t want you going in for a passionate kiss so always check with the registrar or vicar in advance. I think the term ‘politely passionate’ works best to describe the perfect wedding ceremony kiss.

Couple kissinf and hold each other in hands during their Danish wedding

If the pressure of kissing at the end of your ceremony in front of everybody is worrying you too much then just scrap it all together. You can replace it with a hug, a high five or a handshake (which always amuses the guests) or a confetti moment.

International couple kissing at theit outdoor Danish wedding

Amazing couple kissing passionately in the front of Danish Church right after their Danish marriage

This unposed storytelling approach to photographing weddings allows us to get simply amazing images of our couples kissing, whether it’s a kiss for the bride, for the groom, for the brides, or the grooms. It’s all good here, and the result are always beautiful images that our couples will treasure for a life time.

Canadian couple kissing in the front of cliffs since they getting married in Denmark

So, if a kissy adventure wedding in Denmark sounds like it might be perfect for you then why not get in touch.

We’d love to hear about your wedding plans.

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