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Why we offer Promo Weddings?

At Nordic Adventure Weddings, one of our main goals is to promote Denmark internationally as an amazing destination wedding country. Because of our active role in the community as event planners and wedding organizers, we are always finding new wedding venues and creating new packages and special offers in order to meet our clients’ needs! 


When we find a new wedding venue, we are happy about it and want to share it with the world, but we also need a couple to tie the knot in the new location in order to show others the amazing opportunity and location. This is why we created the Promo Wedding page - so that we can help each other!


New wedding venues are posted here frequently and you could be one of the first couples to get married there and for very cheap! Here, we will share our promo wedding offers with you so that you can take advantage of and have an amazing wedding, in an adventurous location, and for an amazing price.

Promo offer on the way! Check this page in 14 days.



Romantic Location

A groom and bride embracing during their romantic adventure abroad, enjoying the Danish bridal islands for their intimate wedding.

The Romantic Location Package is ideal for couples that love the outdoors. Denmark is full of natural landscapes for your ceremony. From intimate beaches to lovely forests and ancient churches, the Danish Islands exude natural beauty.

Town Hall

A couple getting married in Denmark with a civil wedding, one of the best ways if you are looking for how to get married quickly

The Town Hall Packages are perfect for couples that want to just have their civil wedding abroad and get married quickly. Perfect for international couples and LGBT ceremonies as Denmark’s liberal laws easily allow for marriages.

Castle Wedding

A couple enjoying their castle wedding venue, Hamlet’s Elsinore Castle

Have your adventure in a stunning castle with one of our Castle Wedding Packages. Favorite sites include Hamlet’s Elsinore Castle. Celebrate majestically and like royals by reserving a castle as your destination wedding venue.