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With its romantic atmosphere and stunning attractions, the Danish island of Møn is an idyllic island wedding destination.

To experience Møn island, the Romantic Location wedding package,or one of our Adventure Packages  would be your best choices.


“Denmark was born here" - that’s what the Geocentric scientists have to say about the famous island of Møn. The White Cliffs on the Isle of Møn are perhaps among the most impressive landscapes in Denmark.


Once a 7-kilometer massif of white stones in Denmark was the seabed. Still, now it climbs hundreds of meters above the level of the Baltic Sea. The largest rock is Dronning Stolen, "Royal throne," 128 meters, and allows you to touch the character of 70 million decades. Walking along the cliffs, you can even locate fossils of ancient marine animals and algae. Thousands of tourists come to view them every year. There's a wood on the shore, where you can find the rarest plants - for instance, more than 20 species of orchids.


If you walk a bit further from the shore, you can get to the Liselund nature reserve, which will appeal to all looking for the beautiful intimate place for their destination wedding. Liselund Park is dedicated to conjugal love, beautifully combined with all the landscapes of the nearby woods, fields, and coastline where it's found. Liselund Park (literally -"Lisa's grove") was laid out at the end of the 18th century by the French nobleman Antoine de Bosque de la Calmette and dedicated to his dear wife Elizabeth, everyone named Liz.

The park is regarded as one of the best examples of a romantic English garden in Scandinavia. One of the main architectural structures of this park,  the Old Castle of Liselund, is a tiny cozy house built in French neoclassicism. It's found in the northern region of the park beside a little pond.


In addition to everything in the park, you should stop by the Devil's Gorge. When the rains begin, the lake near the park fills with water, which overflows and falls to form an incredibly fantastic waterfall. Stage is just one of Denmark's oldest market towns and bears the Middle Ages' signature and more modern times, which makes the city an intriguing and gorgeous village to explore.


Stege is one of Denmark's oldest market towns and bears the mark of the Middle Ages, as well as more modern times, which make the city an interesting and beautiful city to explore

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