Twin Islands of Lolland-Falster


The two islands Lolland and Falster are almost treated as one and commonly just called Lolland-Falster as they are only separated by a narrow canal.

Located approximately 1,5 hours south of Copenhagen, it’s easy to get to Lolland-Falster since there’s usually not much traffic on the bridges connecting the islands.

Lolland-Falster is truly a picturesque combination of green plains and rolling hills, intertwined with crystal water.

Across the islands, there are several medieval churches that feature memorable frescoes, from historic masterpieces to primitive daubs. Add to this the evocative beaches, enchanted forests and cosy guesthouses, and you’ve got a gem of an island escape waiting for you.

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Known as the Danish "South Sea Island", - Lolland is an area of ​​1,243 sq. km, and is the third largest island in the Danish archipelago. With an uneven coastline cut by fjords, it has a rural landscape and is rich in cultural monuments. The winding village roads lead through beautiful farmlands, small villages and delightful birch groves, country houses, medieval churches to the coastline with white sandy beaches. In the middle of the island is the Lake Maribo Bird Sanctuary, one of the most important conservation areas in Denmark where eagles nest.

Thanks to local enthusiasm and government support, the twin islands have the highest amount of green energy per inhabitant! All electricity and 75% of the heat required by the island comes from local resources.

The island has gained popularity for its clean beaches,  minimal beach houses and unique nature because the locals take pride in the natural beauty. The towns on the island are cozy and small,perfect of a laid-back but adventurous elopement abroad.

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