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Danish Stonehenge on island of Lolland



The two islands Lolland and Falster are almost treated as one and commonly just called Lolland-Falster as they are only separated by a narrow canal. For your destination elopement abroad, these twin islands are full of adventure for nature lovers that want an intimate and laidback adventure of a lifetime.

For Lolland-Falster, our most popular wedding venues abroad and adventure wedding packages are the Romantic Location or one of our Adventure Packages.

Located approximately 1,5 hours south of Copenhagen, it’s easy to get to Lolland-Falster since there’s usually not much traffic on the bridges connecting the islands. Lolland-Falster is a rich destination, the peaceful vibe of the twin islands means its green beauty is full of destination wedding venues that are simple yet powerful.

A couple getting married at a park in front of a castle at Lolland Island as their chosen destination wedding venue.

Lolland-Falster is truly a picturesque combination of green plains and rolling hills, intertwined with crystal water. Plenty of couples have chosen Lolland-Falster for their beach weddings abroad.

Across the islands, there are several medieval churches that feature memorable frescoes, from historic masterpieces to primitive daubs. Add to this the lovely beaches, enchanted forests and cosy guesthouses, and you’ve got a gem of an island escape waiting for you.

The view of Lolland island
A windmill on Lolland Island, a perfect backdrop for country-style weddings abroad for your destination elopement

Lolland Island

Known as the Danish "South Sea Island", - Lolland is an area of ​​1,243 sq. km, and is the third largest island in the Danish archipelago. With an uneven coastline cut by fjords, it has a rural landscape and is rich in cultural monuments. The winding village roads lead through beautiful farmlands, small villages and delightful birch groves, country houses, medieval churches to the coastline with white sandy beaches, offering plenty of choices for natural wedding venues abroad. In the middle of the island is the Lake Maribo Bird Sanctuary, one of the most important conservation areas in Denmark where eagles nest.

A family celebrating an adventure wedding abroad at Dodecalith on Lolland-Falster Island.
A couple holding hands and enjoying their destination elopement at Hestehoved beach.

Tricia & Jim eloped to Denmark from the USA and chose Maribo Lake for their destination elopement. During their adventure wedding, they also visited Nakskov city and the Hestehoved beach.  

Falster Island

Falster Island, connected with a highway to Copenhagen and also Hamburg, Germany, is 486.2 sq. km and filled with greenery and charming beauty. Many tourists come to Falster each year to enjoy and breathe in the unspoilt nature and surroundings. 


Filled with beautiful bike routes, marinas, and sandy beaches, Falster is a destination for those that want to relax and rejuvenate. 

A couple kissing passionately at a rose garden, an ideal romantic wedding venue abroad.

Katelyn & Joel eloping abroad to Falster Island. Married at the romantic rose garden

Fun Fact: Thanks to local enthusiasm and government support, the twin islands have the highest amount of green energy per inhabitant! All electricity and 75% of the heat required by the island comes from local resources. No wonder why these twin islands are filled with unspoilt natural beauty. 


Lolland-Falster has gained popularity for its clean beaches,  minimal beach houses and unique nature because the locals take pride in the surrounding natural beauty. The towns on the island are cozy and small, perfect of a laid-back but adventurous elopement abroad.

Lake Weddings Abroad

A lake wedding abroad can be a laid-back but thrilling experience. Maribo Lakes are a natural, but romantic, wedding venue for small intimate weddings. Couples get married within this nature park which also houses the Great Cathedral on the banks of Søndersø Lake.

A couple hugging each other lovingly at Maribo Lakes, drinking champagne during their destination elopement.
Alicia and Reno standing in from of the Great Cathedral during their Nordic Adventure Wedding.

Alicia and Reno basking in the Danish sun during their lake wedding. Drinking champagne at the Maribo Lakes and the historic Great Cathedral.

Open-Air Museum: Country-Style Weddings

Have you ever wished to travel in time so that you can choose a wedding venue abroad that has old-fashioned charm? 

The elopement in Denmark in the country style
Elia and Lisa enjoying their open-air museum country-style wedding, one of the best destination wedding locations on Lolland-Falster Island.

Elia and Lisa, a darling couple from Italy, did just that and chose a lovely country-style wedding for their wedding venue abroad. During the entire ceremony, they were radiating with joy as the beautiful open-air museum exhumed simplicity, a preserved moment of time from the 19th century.   

To book your date, see our Romantic Location Package.

Beach Weddings Abroad

There are over 20 beach locations to choose from for your beach wedding abroad. Bandholm beach with its white sand is a popular choice among couples eloping abroad.

Rita and Benny at Bandholm beach, the best destination wedding location on Lolland-Falster Island for couples that want a simple yet special ceremony.
Rita and Benny kissing at Bandholm beach during their adventure wedding experience.

Rita and Benny’s beach wedding at Bandholm Beach during their small intimate wedding abroad adventure. 

As is Hestehoved beach with its pier that spans 190m into the sea.

Hestehoved Beach is a top destination for beach weddings abroad

Linn and Thomas enjoying their day at Hestehoved Pier during their beach wedding abroad adventure.

Lolland-Falster: Your dream destination elopement islands

Take a look below at some of our best destination wedding locations for the twin islands of Lolland-Falster:

A couple embrassing in the front of Danish castle during their wedding abroad in Denmark

Marina &Michael

A warm and intimate wedding in a cozy park of one of the many castles on the island of Lolland..

( Lolland island)

Newlyweds walking on the breach as they eloped abroad in Denmark

Tricia & Jim

A cozy, charming adventure wedding in the winter months, made special with         music, fire, and champagne

(Lolland Island)

Newlyweds looking in each other eyes as they happy after their small wedding abroad in Denmark

Katelyn & Joel

Elope abroad and expirience a cozy and nature based wedding ceremony in the peaceful rose garden.   

           (Rose Garden, Falster Island)

Lolland-Falster is full of the best destination wedding locations for you to choose from. Based on your tastes and needs, we can recommend the perfect package for you. Just contact us and we will be more than happy to help

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