A couple in the town hall Maribo, after they get married in Denmark fast


Express Wedding - Quick Marriage in Denmark
€ 1000

Need to get married quickly? We get you in the front of the queue! We are a top rated Danish wedding agency and we offer easy and fast marriage process in Denmark for foreign couples. Get married  10-12 working days after submitting your paperwork to us, against to ordinary terms, where marriages are allowed to happen  3-8 weeks after submitting your application. So, if you don’t want to wait too long to get married, we have a solution for you and can book the town hall, which can process with your quick marriage. 

Town Hall ExpressWedding Package

This Package  includes:


  • Planning of your marriage registration in Denmark

  • All legal paperwork

  • Danish marriage fee - paid

  • Booking of the wedding date

  • Assistance with travel and accommodation

  • The full  ceremony at the town hall 

  • Witnesses

  • International marriage certificate issued immediately after the wedding ceremony and is available in English, German, Danish, Spanish and French

  • You get married 10-12 working days after submitting to us your documents

  • Extra services available