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Your Dream Wedding in Denmark


Whether you are planning a stylish town hall marriage, a small intimate wedding abroad, or a much larger celebration, we can offer and tailor our Denmark wedding packages to meet your needs and dreams. 

Our wedding packages are curated specially for couples who want their wedding abroad to be a truly distinguished event. Afterall, Denmark is one of the best wedding destinations in the world. 


From small castle weddings to town hall elopements abroad to beach weddings, we are here to help you find the most suited Denmark wedding venue for your needs and plan your perfect wedding abroad! 

Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail. 

Leonardo DaVinci 

Town Hall 

Newlyweds happily looking into each other's eyes and embracing warmly during their town hall ceremony, a practical Denmark wedding venue for couples of all nationalities.

Enjoy a simple but stylish civil wedding in one of Denmark’s many picturesque town halls during your elopement abroad.

Romantic Location

A couple being playful in a romantic rose garden as a part of their intimate Denmark wedding package abroad.

 A Denmark wedding is all about the nature and romantic outdoors. Our Romantic Location Weddings capture Denmark’s stunning scenery for your big day.

Castle Wedding

A groom lifting up his bride in front of Hamlet’s Elsinore Castle, one of our best Denmark elopement packages.

Choose one of the beautiful and historic Danish castles, such as Hamlet’s Elsinore Castle, for your Denmark wedding venue.

Magical Touch

Newlyweds kissing under the arches of Old Hojerup Church, a top Denmark wedding venue on UNESCO World Heritage Site Stevens Klint.

Experience the magic of the historic ancient church with a sea-view located on UNESCO World Heritage Site Stevns Klint. Civil weddings welcome!

Hide Away

A groom and bride with locked arms and happy looks on an unspoilt beach, an ideal Denmark elopement package for lovebirds.

The Hide Away Package is your all-inclusive wedding package for two if you are dreaming of eloping abroad and having a charming Nordic wedding.

Island Escape

A couple eloping to Bornholm Island as a part of their all-inclusive Denmark wedding package adventure.

Get married abroad on Bornholm Island, a mysterious Danish Island. Package includes adventure guided tour and your own professional adventure  wedding photographer!  

Great Adventure

Enjoy an amazing full day adventure eco-style wedding and elopement captured by professional  adventure wedding photographer. One of our best Denmark elopement packages.

Land of Legends

Nordic Traditions have been inherited by the modern generation of Scandinavians. Their ceremonies are filled with the spirit and customs of their warlike ancestors. And the wedding ceremony is no exception.

Customize me!

Customize your Danish wedding package for your wedding abroad or anniversary. Perfect for couples wanting to include many guests for their overseas island wedding. We are here to help you! 

Have any questions?

We are here to arrange a budget-friendly fairytale Danish wedding. For more information on wedding packages, contact us with any questions.

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