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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it easy to get married in Denmark?
    Denmark is an easiest country to get married abroad! We help so many couples marry due to the simplicity of the formal requirements and legalities. Danish law allows you to marry in our beautiful country without being residents. This is one of many reasons foreign weddings in Denmark have become so popular, and the number of couples getting married in Denmark is increasing every year.
  • Can foreigners get married in Denmark?
    A wedding in Denmark is an ideal solution if one or both of you are foreigners. We can help you get approved and registered by one of Denmark's municipalities. Once you are approved, you are well on your way to being married. You can NOT get married in Denmark if you have asylum seeker or refugee residential status.
  • Can US citizens get married in Denmark?
    Yes, we have couples around all world. US citizens, as well as UK citizens and other non-EU citizens can get married in Denmark.
  • Can same-sex couples marry in Denmark?
    Gender is not a problem to get married in Denmark. Denmark welcomes same sex couples, who wish to marry, with open arms and is a very popular destination for LGBT weddings. Denmark was the first in the world country which permit same-sex marriages in 1989. Liberal Danish same-sex marriage law makes it possible, and gay and lesbian’s marriages from Denmark are internationally recognized. See and read about amazing wedding of gay couple in Denmark
  • What are conditions for getting married in Denmark?
    If you wish to get married in Denmark, you must meet the Danish marriage requirements, even if there are other conditions for marriage in the country where you live. To get married in Denmark, you must both have turned 18 years of age and you must both be unmarried. If one of you has previously been married, the previous marriage must have been dissolved before you can marry in Denmark. Marriage between close relatives is not permitted, and if one of you is under guardianship, the guardian must consent to the marriage. To get married in Denmark, you need documentation for legal entry and residence in Denmark.
  • How quick can I get married in Denmark?
    2-3 weeks from submitting your documents to us you can get married in Denmark. Depends on a season and a chosen town hall. At some town halls we can choose a wedding date in advance.
  • What documents do I need to get married in Denmark?
    To get started, please, take a look at our article: DOCUMENTS REQUIRED TO GET MARRIED IN DENMARK To provide you an exact list of documents you need for marriage in Denmark, you must contact us. Circumstances vary from one couple to another. REQUEST DOCUMENT LIST
  • Can I get married in Copenhagen?
    Absolutely! You can get married in Copenhagen city hall or in any city hall of your choice. We work closely with following town halls: Copenhagen, Helsingør, Maribo, Nykøbing F., Nysted, Stevns, Frederiksberg, Tønder. Each registry office has its own internal rules, the processing time of documents and so on - we will advise you.
  • Can I have an outdoor wedding?
    Of course, we offer different wedding packages, also outdoor ceremonies. There are several lovely places where you can say your vows and make incredible memories to start your journey together. You can see our outdoor package HER
  • How long we must stay in Denmark?
    It depends on chosen town hall. Usually, you must arrive 1 day before your wedding in Denmark and present your documents to the registry office.
  • Can I get married in Denmark on a tourist visa or student visa?
    Yes, you can get married in Denmark on a visitor visa or student visa, if other conditions for getting married in Denmark are holds and your visa is valid while you staying in Denmark.
  • When do we get the Marriage Certificate?
    The Danish marriage certificate, which is made out in Danish, English, German, French and Spanish, you get immediately after your wedding ceremony.
  • Will a Danish Marriage Certificate be legal in my country?
    Yes, Danish marriage certificate is internationally recognized. For EU countries you do not need to legalize this document. For non- EU countries you must have the Apostille on it, and for some countries - a full legalization. We provide all this services.
  • How Danish Marriage Certificate looks like?
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