A gay couple on the cliffs enjoying their same-sex marriage in Denmark



― Hendrik Hertzberg

Best Choice for LGBT

At Nordic Adventure Weddings we are convinced that true love should have no borders and prejudices. Therefore, we proudly help the LGBT community to arrange their destination wedding in Denmark. 


Fun Fact: Denmark was the first country to legalize gay marriage in the world! Same-sex marriages in were legalized in 1989, marking over 30 years of progressive thinking. We are for all romance without boundaries!

Anton & Denis rejoicing after their wedding in Denmark. 

Emma & Rose during their civil wedding ceremony on a romantic Nordic beach.

Thanks to Denmark’s same-sex marriage laws, we can take of all the legal matters while you prepare for your intimate adventure wedding on the Danish Islands. 

Since Denmark is one of the pioneering same-sex marriage countries, you can rest assured that your LGBT marriage will get legal validity. We will advise you in detail about the documents required for marriage in Denmark.

Melissa & Gillian smiling during their same-sex marriage in Denmark.

Patrick & Breno drinking champagne on Maribo Lake toasting to their love and Denmark’s same-sex marriage laws.

Your Gay Marriage in Denmark

What does a wedding look like in a country where gay marriage is legal? It looks wonderful and romantic! Contact us about your gay marriage abroad and come experience how love fills their air in Denmark!


Check out the video below of a fantastic couple from Ireland: Patrick & Breno getting married in Denmark on 30.09.2020 on Lolland Island by the Maribo Lake thanks to our amazing  Romantic Location Wedding Package. Congratulations!

Also, take a look at how a gay marriage in Denmark looks like by the beach, a video of Emma & Rose a charming couple from the UK who got married on 22.8.2020:

Your same-sex marriage in Denmark will be the adventure of a lifetime. Celebrate your love, enjoying the Danish nature and culture. We are here to help you make your dream wedding a reality.

Affordable Gay Marriage Adventure Wedding Packages

Looking for a destination same-sex marriage? We offer affordable and romantic marriage for gay and lesbians of all nationalities. Quickly and without bureaucratic delays. See our fantastic wedding packages - for all budgets.

A couple enjoying their Nordic adventure wedding, relaxing on the Hestehoved Jetty

Two happy brides getting married in Denmark, their dream beach wedding


Romantic Location

Two brides smiling during their gay marriage in Denmark, the first country to legalize gay marriage

Our Romantic Location Packages are perfect for nature lovers that want a romantic and laid-back wedding. Denmark is full of beautiful outdoor wedding venues, from beaches to parks to forests.

Town Hall

Two brides rejoicing during their wedding abroad, happy about Denmark's same-sex marriage laws.

Book one of our Town Hall Wedding Packages, ideal for couples that want to get married quickly. Denmark is full of charming town halls that are perfect for a quick, but intimate ceremony.

Castle Wedding

Two grooms during their gay marred in Denmark in front of their castle wedding venue.

Denmark, having plenty of castles and manor houses, can be a fun adventure. Our Castle Wedding Packages include Hamlet's Elsinore Castle. Feel the royal majesty and celebrate your wedding in style!

Need help with your same-sex marriage in Denmark?

What is a same-sex wedding in Denmark like? Read the story of our couple Anton and Denis and their adventure wedding in Denmark!

A couple toasting champagne and looking deeply in each others eyes during their gay wedding in Denmark, one of the most LGBT-friendly, pro same-sex marriage countries in the world.

Cheers to you Anton & Dennis!