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Anton & Denis’ Nordic Adventure gay wedding in Denmark

Updated: Feb 6

Firstly, we are very proud to announce that exactly with this wedding we have been awarded by Belief Wedding Creators in the Category Destination Weddings 2019!

This wedding was also outlined in the gay weddings guide magazine.

Gay marriage in Denmark

Same Sex Marriage in Denmark for foreign couples.

At Nordic Adventure Weddings we are convinced that true love should have no borders and prejudices. Therefore, we proudly help the LGBT community to arrange their destination wedding in Denmark.

Denmark was the first country in the world which allowed same-sex marriages in 1989.

We take care about all legal matters, ensuring that your same sex marriage in Denmark get legal validity and you come back home with the right documents.

We are for romance without boundaries!

Gay wedding in Denmark by Nordic Adventure Weddings

The Story of Anton & Denis: getting married in Denmark

In more than 40 countries around the world, same-sex marriage is already allowed. For East European gays and lesbians this opportunity is very difficult to achieve, the only way for them is to legitimize their relations in Europe, and afterwards to live together in their countries - together, but underground.

Anton & Denis choose to get married in Denmark

Anton and Denis are an open Belarusian gay couple who in September 2019 came to us in Denmark to do an official marriage.

Anton met Denis on a dating site for six years ago. After half a year, the couple began to live together.

Determined to stay together, the couple decides to fight for their human rights. They start the first open gay blog in their country, regardless of the hate they might face. They share their love story on their blog, encouraging other same-sex couples to rise and take a stand on their human rights.

LGBT marriage in Denmark

Anton: In Belarus, the attitude towards the LGBT community is ambiguous, many allow themselves to make offensive comments, often gays are denied promotion in the career ladder, not realizing that gays are people like everyone else.

The day before our next trip to Europe, we learned that non-resident foreigners could marry in Denmark, and the Danish wedding planner Nordic Adventure Weddings successfully organizes weddings for LGBT couples, taking care of all legal matters.

Gay wedding in LGBT friendly Denmark

They decided to get married in Denmark to further boost their fight for human rights. Understanding that they would never be allowed to do so in Belarus, their dream is to elope to Denmark to seal their union then return to Belarus and live underground until they have completely fought the darkness in the country and bring their love into the light.

Gay wedding in Denmark by Nordic Adventure Weddings

Denis: In most countries, it is impossible for gays to marry, but in Denmark with its same-sex marriage law it is possible for foreigners. Marriage will be valid in all countries where same-sex marriage is legalized. Except Belarus.

But it was important for the couple to know that they are officially married and even though the marriage is not valid in Belarus, family and responsibility for a partner is in first place for them.

Same sex weddings are legal in Denmark

Eco-style gay wedding in Denmark

At Nordic Adventure Weddings, we were determined to give these young men an experience they’d never forget. They desired to say their “I do’s” in a quiet, homely, cosy event. My team and I went with our general eco-style wedding and elopement concepts. Without focusing too much on the décor, we decided on an open space wedding with a rustic, outdoorsy vibe, by Maribo lake, where flora and fauna provide natural adornment.

On that significant day for the couple, Anton and Denis joined in a holy marriage on a wooden pier near the lake. A minute before the ceremony, a boat sailed to the pier, and a group of retired tourists came out, who, seeing the ceremony, wanted to see their union. They sincerely congratulated the couple and took pictures with us. We drank champagne together, took pictures, laughed and had a great time.

It is this fact that a group of strangers with such interest and participation reacted to the celebration of their day, incredibly surprised and delighted our Belarusian guests.

Outdoor romantical gay wedding in Denmark

Everyone wants to take a picture of a beautiful gay couple

Adventure tour on Danish Islands

After the ceremony itself, we went around the islands to see amazing places and introduce our guests a piece of Danish culture and history.

The Dodecalith (Greek: The Twelve Stone) The art project consists of twelve menhirs carved in granite. Between the figures are natural “sitting” stones from which spatial electro acoustic music specially created for the Dodecalith sounds every day of the year during daytime hours.

The story behind the Dodecalith goes back approx. 7,500 years, when the greatest natural disaster of the time occurred: the isthmus of Bosporus burst, so the Mediterranean’s waters gushed into the Black Sea 150 metres below. This caused the most developed farming culture of that time to be flooded. The catastrophe forms part of the myth of the Flood.

Hestehoved Beach - The Blue Flag 2010, 2013 & 2014 - The bathing jetty is the second longest in Denmark – handicapped access An artificial sandy beach constructed in a beautifull recreational area out on Nakskov Fjord and close to the market town of Nakskov.

Beautiful gay wedding in Denmark

The towering white chalk cliffs fall dramatically against the turquoise green sea, and standing on the beach below, you can experience for a moment just how small and insignificant human beings are! Spend some time at Møns Klint and you might see the peregrine falcon hunt or find exciting fossils and amber at the water's edge.

Gay couple getting married in Denmark

Adventure gay marriage in Denmark: discover the Danish islands

We arrange gay marriage in Denmark

We recommend same-sex couples to marry in Denmark

Dream wedding of gay couple in Denmark

Get married in Denmark: gay marriage

Now Anton and Denis live happily together in Minsk. The guys are grateful to Nordic Adventure Weddings for the unique opportunity to have had a same-sex marriage in Denmark.

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