Which documents are required for your marriage in Denmark? The requirements for the documents vary from couple to couple and depends a lot on your circumstances. However, the general requirements are the same for everyone, including same-sex couples who want to get married in Denmark.

In general terms, for legal marriage registration following documents are required by Danish Authorities:

  1. A Power of Attorney – to confirm that it is okay, at Nordic Adventure Weddings will arrange the wedding for you. We’ll send you this form to fill out and sign.

  2. Declaration of Marriage - we’ll send you this form to fill out and sign.

  3. Your passport – you must attach pictures or copies of all pages in your passport including the front and back pages, as well as blank pages, or your EU/EEA ID card – picture or copy of both sides of your ID-card

  4. Certificate of Residence or other documentation as proof of your residence (e.g. electricity bill, rental bill), not older than 6 months, only if you have a common address.

  5. Documentation for legal entry and residence in Denmark.  

  6. Civil status certificate (also called a letter of non-impediment, or Certificate of marital status).This document confirms that you have not been married before and should be no more than 4-month-old. Some countries (e.g. USA) cannot provide such of document.  In such cases, talk to us and we will help you to find a solution.

  7.  If you have previously been married you must attach proof that the marriage has ended by divorce, death or annulment. 

  8. If you have one or more common children, you must attach copies of their birth certificate(s). 

All documents, if in a different language, must be translated by authorized translator into German, English or Danish and legalized OR stamped with an Apostille (vary by country and you and your partners circumstances - please ask).

Remember to bring to Denmark both: translated documents and the originals.                                        

Have any guestion?

Our Denmark wedding packages are very diverse, from a classical town hall wedding to an adventure wedding - you are welcome to contact us with any questions.

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