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Historical weddings in Denmark can be Viking-themed like the one Magdalena and Adam had, pictured here looking at the horizon.

Land of Legends 

Viking-themed weddings on Danish Islands

Dreaming of eloping abroad and having a viking-themed wedding? Here in Denmark, we are proud of our Viking roots and heritage and want people from all over the world to come and experience a traditional Scandinavian, or Norse wedding, including the old traditional handfasting ceremony if desired.

The Idea: Your Viking Wedding

To feel, to try, to experience “old” Norse traditions with your significant other. By coming to Denmark, you will have an authentic experience since Scandinavia is home to  a lot of historical places dating back to the Viking and Medieval Age times.

Imagine having your Viking-inspired Scandinavian wedding in a historically important location or outdoors with an intimate set up. With the Land of Legends wedding package, we can make this wish come true and take you and your partner back in time.


The Viking Open-Air Museum

One of the places where the Viking age can be experienced closer, is the Viking village Trelleborg near Slagelse in West Zealand. Trelleborg was built around the year 980 by King Harald Bluetooth. Come close to the Vikings 1000 years ago and enjoy the beautiful nature, experience Norse wedding ceremony in the Long house, decorated with bonfire, candles and skins; listen to our Storyteller, taste Norse Mjod and Viking snacks, play outdoor games with your guests!

Are you dreaming about non-traditional wedding in historical surroundings?

Wedding Package  €3.700*

o Streamlined personal wedding planner
o All legal paperwork
o Danish marriage fee paid
o International marriage certificate is issued immediately after the ceremony and is

available in English, German, Danish, Spanish and French
o Location fee paid
o Decoration of the Viking longhouse with the bonfire, candles, and lamb skin

o Guided tour in the open-air museum with storyteller
o Officiant/Celebrant
o The full ceremony in the Longhouse, including Nordic Handfasting Ceremony

o Mjod tasting with Viking snacks, and storytelling

o Viking music (sound box)
o Rent of Viking clothes (large selection)
o Games outdoor

*price is per couple. 

Guest surcharge - 45 per person

Catering option is possible (min. 8 persons)

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