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Historical weddings in Denmark can be Viking-themed like the one Magdalena and Adam had, pictured here looking at the horizon.


Experience the power and intimacy of a historical and viking-themed Nordic wedding

Dreaming of eloping abroad and having a viking-themed wedding? Here in Denmark, we are proud of our Viking roots and heritage and want people from all over the world to come and experience a traditional Scandinavian wedding, including the old traditional handfasting ceremony if desired.

About the Land of Legends Package

Starting at €2.200, this package is ideal for couples that are interested in a Nordic wedding within a specific historical time frame. 


Denmark is an ideal destination wedding location for viking-themed weddings as it is full with historical places and museums where your wedding can take place.

A couple standing and looking at each other while holding hands during their historical wedding adventure in Denmark, inspired by vikings.
A couple posing during their Viking wedding in Denmark

Magdalena and Adam on their historical Scandinavian wedding adventure.

The Idea: Your Viking Wedding

To feel, to try, to experience “old” Scandinavian traditions with your significant other. By coming to Denmark, you will have an authentic experience since Denmark is home to  a lot of significant places dating back to the Viking and Medieval Age times.

Imagine having your Viking-inspired Scandinavian wedding in a historically important location or outdoors with an intimate set up. With the Land of Legends wedding package, we can make this wish come true and take you and your partner back in time.


Denmark, being at the centre of Norse history, is full of spectacular viking wedding venues that are historically rich and can give you the feeling that you are truly in another era. Below are our three most popular locations for your non-traditional wedding and, if you wish, the handfasting ceremony. 

An intimate set-up in nature with a fire and next to the sea for a November Viking wedding

An intimate set-up in nature with a fire and next to the sea for a November Viking wedding

In the Heart of Nature

Imagine your wedding being held in the centre of Nordic nature. Surrounding you and your loved one are bonfires, historical music, and even dancing by a professional group performing the traditional Scandinavian wedding ceremony.


Your viking wedding can be held anywhere outdoors and all-year round, whether you want a rocky, reclusive beach, a mysterious forest, or even a remote Nordic island like Bornholm Island

Nordic sheep show how Denmark historical wedding venues are full of surprises.

Nordic historical wedding venues are full life and surprises.

In addition to your historical wedding, you can book extra services to customize your experience, such as a dinner at the popular Medieval Inn, The Golden Swan, where you and your guests can taste Medieval Danish dishes. 

The Viking Open-Air Museum

Home to Denmark’s largest King’s Hall, this remade site was based on an archeological discovery that was found just in 2009, indicating the largest viking habitation in Denmark. The King’s Hall is a remarkable feat with ceilings 10 meters high and an area of 600m2, representative of the peak of Nordic crafts and architecture from the Viking Age. 

The majestic King's Hall, an ideal wedding venue location for viking-themed weddings in Denmark.

The King’s Hall pictured during the winter months, mysterious and full of history.

In addition to having your intimate historical wedding here, you can also learn even more about the Viking Age with guided tours from Viking experts. 

A couple pictured in front of King's Hall during their Viking-themed wedding adventure in Denmark.

The majesty of the King’s Hall, perfect for Viking-themed weddings. 

This authentic site, found at Lejre town, is available all year round to couples looking for a place to conduct their historical wedding and handfasting ceremony, but subject to approval by request during late fall and winter months. 

A peek inside the impressive King’s Hall while a couple toasts to their love, full with intricate details and wood carvings commemorating Nordic craftsmanship, where you can have your handfasting ceremony.

A peek inside the impressive King’s Hall, full with intricate details and wood carvings commemorating Nordic craftsmanship

Are you dreaming about non-traditional wedding in historical surroundings?

Let’s Create it - Together


Explore Denmark’s rich history and numerous cultural sites by turning them into your destination wedding venue.

A groom lifting up his bride in front of Hamlet’s Elsinore castle, a dreamy wedding venue for couples eloping to Denmark.

Shakespeare lovers from all over the world elope to Denmark, specifically to Hamlet’s Elsinore Castle for a magical wedding celebration with many century’s worth of history. Perfect for any type of ceremony, for couples eloping abroad to banquet celebrations.

A couple at the Ancient Church during their marriage abroad in Denmark

The historical Ancient church of Højerup, sitting on the cliffside overlooking the sea, was recently restored and celebrates over 770 years of history. As the only church in Denmark that also permits civil weddings, this venue is both stunning and open to all.

A couple at Mon Island, enjoying their adventure wedding experience.

The magical Møn Island is an important part of Danish history with many geologists saying that the chalk cliffs of Møn Island is where Denmark was born. Couples dreaming of a breathtaking Scandinavian wedding will love the natural sights of Møn Island.

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