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Bani & Ritesh Maribo Lake Elopement Abroad

Updated: May 21, 2022

A couple during their Maribo Lake elopement abroad

Bani and Ritesh, a darling couple from Switzerland, recently had a very romantic elopement abroad near the Maribo Lake in Lolland Island where they decided to get married. Lolland Island is the fourth largest island in Denmark and it is located in the Baltic Sea. It is a very beautiful location with many sites to see and experience. It’s a perfect destination for couples that want a low-key getaway for their wedding abroad and can be easily yours with our Romantic Location Package.

A couple posing in the front of Maribo cathedral during their  elopement wedding in Denmak

Looking through their stunning photos and videos documenting their wedding in Denmark, it is easy to see why Bani and Ritesh would choose this specific location to celebrate their marriage. They stayed at the Bandholm Hotel in a special bridal suite which is located right next to the Baltic Sea.

A bride and groom in the bride suite of Bandholm hotel during their Danish wedding abroad
A couple kissing in the hotel in Lolland since they are getting married in Denmark

The beautiful location and sea view was the perfect place for the newlyweds to celebrate their marriage. Bani & Ritesh stayed at the luxurious bridal suite and they were constantly smiling and having a good time with each other during their care-free elopement abroad. They were seen laughing, dancing, hugging, talking, and posing for pictures together, and savouring their adventure abroad to Denmark. Whatever Bani and Ritesh decided to do together, they seemed to always be happy, which is the most important thing in life.

A couple dancing intimate dance coz they are getting married in Denmark
A darling bride in the hotel making ready for her wedding in Denmark

Care-free Denmark Elopement

Bani and Ritesh did not feel the need to have a lot of people at their wedding in Denmark, as a matter of fact they did not invite any guests to the ceremony. This wedding was strictly about the two of them and the love and happiness that they feel for each other. They surely felt that it was much more romantic to have a private wedding, because they had more time to focus on each other, and the time that they spent together, rather than having to worry about catering hundreds of guests at the ceremony.

Newlyweds on the terrasse of the Maribo lakes during their elopement wedding abroad in Denmark
the outdoor wedding ceremony in Denmark by Maribo lake
Signing Danish marriage certificate during lake elopement abroad

Their wedding was much more simple than other traditional weddings, which allowed them to feel less pressure, be more relaxed, and truly soak in the blissful moment together. This is a large reason why the two of them had such an amazing time together before, after, and during the wedding.

Newlyweds looking at each other by the lake of Maribo - a Danish island for weddings
A portrait of the newlyweds by the lake in Lolland, a best wedding island in Denmark

Most people choose to have large wedding celebrations with many family members, friends, and acquaintances in attendance, because it is more exciting and the atmosphere is more electric and energetic this way. Although big celebrations like this are preferred by many people, Bani and Ritesh decided to do the complete opposite in order to preserve the romance, privacy and peace which can sometimes be lost in having too big of a celebration.

A happy couple  after their marriage in Denmark since they got married at the lake - a Denmark wedding venue.

Bani and Ritesh surely made the right decision to have their elopement and wedding in Denmark, because it was a very romantic experience which clearly made them more than happy.

A couple dancing and kissing staying in the water of the Baltic Sea - Danish wedding venue.

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