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Carina and Khodr Hide Away Forest Elopement

Updated: May 21, 2022

A couple at their forest elopement in Lejre

Carina and Khodr, a sweet couple from Germany, recently decided to say their vows to each other by having their intimate wedding abroad in Denmark.

Although the weather was not quite the best, the rain did not stop the newlyweds from enjoying the celebration of the beginning of a new chapter in their lives! It was actually quite a romantic experience for Carina and Khodr.

A couple kissung under umbrellas in the forest as they eloping in Denmark

Carina and Khodr shared their affection for each other below a clear umbrella protecting them from the slight drizzle of rain gently falling from the sky between the leaves and branches of the tall trees surrounding them as they enjoy getting married abroad.

A couple exchanging rings at their wedding abroad in the forest in rain

Eventually, the drizzle stopped, with the sun shining later on, and they said their vows to each other underneath the gray, cloudy skies in the heart of the luscious green forests of Denmark. In the heart of the forest, the couple had their elopement abroad vision come to life.

Newlyweds kissing on the terrace of the tree hut during their forest elopement

Forest Elopement Wedding

Out of the large array of different elopement packages we offer, the Carina & Khodr chose the dreamy Forest Elopement Hide Away package. This package is perfect for adventurous couples that love to spend time in nature and want to experience life to the fullest by going on distant journeys that create lifelong memories along the way.

A couple getting married in a rainy day in the forest

The package comes with a beautiful location in the forests of Denmark, where couples get to stay in a wooden tree hut with a glass roof and glass doors and windows, allowing them to clearly view and experience all of the beautiful nature surrounding them.

A bride looking at her dress upon her forest elopement in Denmark

A groom posing in the tree hut upon forest elopement abroad.

A couple on the bench in the tree hut as they having their elopement in the forest in Lejre

Intimate Danish Wedding Abroad

This Forest elopement package is absolutely perfect for couples who want their elopement abroad to be all about nature and enjoy the peace and tranquility that it brings to them. One can only imagine how beautiful it must be to get married in such a blissful environment away from the city, where the only sounds that can be heard are birds singing in the distance, and leaves rustling from the wind blowing through the trees, the sun shining through the leaves.

Newlyweds toasting with the Officiant in the forest due to their wedding in the wood in Denmark

A buttle of bubbles and glasses on the stump in the forest - ready for forest elopement

Carina and Khodr had a completely breathtaking experience on their special day, and they will remember it forever. From the romantic, reclusive treehouse, to the romantic rain, to the peaceful wedding ceremony until the canopies, it was truly a special day getting married abroad for the couple.

Happy couple under umbrella after their forest wedding ceremony in Denmark

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