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Christine & Hannah LGBT Forest Wedding

Christine and Hannah LGBT wedding in Denmark

Christine and Hannah, a same-sex couple from Ireland, recently decided to get married in the beautiful and open hearted country of Denmark. They chose the Hide Away wedding package for their elopement wedding.

LGBT couple in the front of the tree hut in Denmark during their wedding
A tree hut - a part of our Hide Away package

The ceremony was done in the deep and intimate woods of Denmark making for quite an adventurous forest elopement. The couple stayed in a very romantic and intimate tree hut.

A romantic setup for the forest elopement in Denmark

During their stay in the deep forests of Denmark, Christine and Hannah had the luxury to visit some beautiful spots and sites, one of them being a Viking-village open air museum. The history of Vikings is very important to Denmark and all of the Scandinavian region. It is very fascinating, and a lot can be learned about life when one takes the time to study and understand this era and age in history. The Viking age was truly one like no other.

A Viking village in Denmark in Lejre

Lesbian couple posing in Viking village during their wedding in Denmark

Getting married was a very big step forward in the lives of both Hannah and Christine, as it is not always easy for same-sex couples to achieve this goal. Not all countries are open to allowing people of the same gender to tie the knot, but Denmark is a country with an open mind and heart.

In fact, during the year of 1989, Denmark became the first country in the history of the world to legalize marriage for people of the same gender. This was truly a groundbreaking moment for the LGBT movement and will always be one of the many reasons why Denmark is a special country known for its hospitality.

Same sex couple smiling on the way to the wedding venue in Denmark

Denmark is a country which cares for people of all races, genders, religions from all over the world. It has a very warm and good heart, welcomes everybody with open arms, and treats everybody with the same care no matter who they are.

Same sex couple make fun during their elopement in Denmark

Forest elopements in Denmark capture the spirit of freedom and love. Surrounded by nature and wild beauty, an elopement wedding here is truly special.

Freedom and Comfort

LGBT couple posing in the harbour after their same sex wedding in Denmark

Lesbian couple walking in the forest as they get married in Denmark

Christine and Hannah are surely very satisfied with their forest elopement wedding in Denmark, not only due to the fact that it was an amazing experience and adventure, but also because they were given the right to confess their love for each other comfortably without having to worry about anything else.

Bonfire as a setup for the forest wedding

Newlyweds toasting in the forest since they just got married in Denmark

LGBT wedding ceremony in Denmark in the forest

Same sex couple with flowers at their LGBT wedding in Denmark

Lesbian couple toasting with the registrar after their wedding ceremony in Denmark in Lejre

Freedom is something that a price cannot be placed upon, and this is what Denmark offered Christine and Hannah. It was truly an exciting time for the newlywed couple. They shared priceless moments which they will remember for the rest of their lives, but most importantly they were able to do it comfortably and in peace, as they should be able to do.

Same sex lesbian couple kissing at their wedding day in Denmark

LGBT wedding in the forest in Lejre in Denmark

LGBT kiss at the wedding day

LGBT forest elopement in Denmark

Happy lesbian couple which got married in Denmark in the forest

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