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Danish Island Manor House Wedding – Kaviya and Jonas

Danish Island Wedding in the manor house

Kaviya and Jonas opted for the beautiful Lolland Island for their elopement wedding booking it through our romantic location wedding package which is always a popular choice for international marriages.

Many couples choose Spring time to get married in Denmark.

A groom posing in the forest at his spring wedding in denmark

A bride with the bouquet at her spring wedding in denmark

As with all of our wedding packages, we took care of all the details allowing Kaviya and Jonas to really relax and enjoy every second of their wedding adventure.

Lolland Island is just a one-and-a-half-hour drive from Copenhagen and its green nature and peaceful vibe make it the perfect choice for an elopement abroad.

A couple kissing on the bench in Reventlow park after their wedding in Denmark

Beautiful elopement wedding on Lolland Island

Kaviya and Jonas chose to get married at Reventlow Park and Manor House. This historically rich and handsome manor house was owned by Prime Minister and social reformist C D F Reventlow and is known as the birthplace of modern Denmark.

Happy couple walking from Reventlow manor house after they get married in Denmark

Dancing couple in the park upon their Danish wedding

Kaviya looked amazing in a gorgeous fairy-tale wedding dress that really suited the grandeur of the manor house. And Jonas complimented her perfectly in a petrol blue suit with braces. A great look!

Kissing couple in Reventlow museum where they getting married in Denmark

Bubbles and glasses at Danish island wedding

A couple walking in Reventlow museum where they will get married in Denmark

Romantic Danish Island elopements for international couples looking to marry abroad

After the ceremony Kaviya and Jonas took a walk around the Reventlow Park with one of our talented wedding photographers Elena Belevantseva, their photoshoot captured some amazing images. Kaviya and Jonas were so easy and fun to work with. Here, take a look!

A bride looking into horisont at her Danish spring wedding

International couple getting married in Denmark in Spring time

A couple having fun after their Danish island wedding in Reventlow museum

A groom holding his wife after they having danish island wedding on Lolland.

If, like Kaviya and Jonas, you’re looking elope abroad then why not consider getting married in Denmark. We arrange weddings for all tastes and budgets so feel free to browse the pages of our site for inspiration.

And if you want to know more, get in touch. We’d love to show you how we can turn your dream of getting married abroad into a stress-free and affordable reality.

A couple walking in the park at their intimate wedding abroad in Denmark

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