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Venella and Grant’s Møns Island Elopement Abroad

A couple having fun in the Liselund park during their Danish island wedding elopement abroad

Venella and Grant, who are both from the United States of America, absolutely love Nordic style and Nordic nature. So, what’s better than getting married abroad in Denmark? The two decided to have their intimate wedding abroad in Denmark on Møn Island’s breathtaking cliffs with a panoramic view of the Baltic Sea, right in the heart of nature.

An american couple posing on the cliff of Danish island Moen during their intimate wedding abroad

A couple who just get married in Denmark staying on the cliff during their elopement in Europe

They chose to have their elopement ceremony right on top of Møns Cliffs, because they love this area and its wonderful sea view. Surrounded by the green nature and the blue sea, the picture-perfect couple exchanged vows on their special day in September 2021 as they enjoyed every second of their elopement abroad.

Darling couple enjoying their wedding day in Danish island Moen

Newlyweds posing on the Moen cliff during their elopement in Europe in Moen island

Darling couple from US looking to the Baltic Sea during their elopement abroad in Danish island Moen

After the ceremony, the darling couple went to the Liselund Park, also located on Møn Island, where they continued to celebrate their wonderful day with a professional photo shoot capturing timeless memories which they will remember for the rest of their lives. Liselund Park is a dreamy location, full of greenery that’s reminiscent of a fairytale.

Elope abroad in Europe, as Venella and Grant who having fun at their Danish island wedding

A couple eloping in Denmark and having fun in Liselund park, one of the best wedding venues in Denmark

With her pink dress and his classic white blazer, Venella and Grant looked super stylish throughout their whole adventure together in Denmark, from the cliffs to the park.

Newlywed looking at each other passionately in best wedding venue in Europe

Møn – Danish Island Elopement Wedding

Venella and Grant truly had the experience of a lifetime during their romantic private elopement in Denmark. Their wedding ceremony on Møn Island was absolutely spectacular, as it was surrounded by astonishing and breathtaking views of wonderful nature along the magnificent Baltic Coast. The couple topped off their wedding day with some smooth champagne and a beach photoshoot.

A couple embracing on the Møns klint during their intimate wedding on Danish island

Venella and Grant dancing on the beach during their Danish island wedding

The gorgeous landscape, the intimacy, and the beauty, were all the things they dreamed of when they decided to elope to Denmark for their intimate nature wedding abroad.

Newly weds looking to the Baltic sea as they elope abroad to denmark

Romantic Location Package

The Romantic Location wedding elopement package was the perfect choice for Venella and Grant and it proved to be quite fitting for the couple’s taste, making their dream elopement abroad come true.

A couple toasting on the cliffs during their elopement abroad in denmark

With the Romantic Location package, all the necessary legal paperwork is handled by us, so the newlywed couple does not have to worry about anything, just enjoy their beautiful adventure in Denmark. In this package, also 20 guests can be included at no extra costs, but it is also an extremely popular package among lovebirds that just want to elope by themselves and get married in one of the many beautiful locations in Denmark.

It was an absolutely amazing day for Venella and Grant, and they will surely cherish these moments for the rest of their lives as they made their passion for Nordic culture and style a key part of their adventure elopement abroad.

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