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Funen island and castle weddings in Denmark

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Explore Funen Island

Funen Island, also known as Fynen Island or Fyn Island, is located just southeast of the major Jutland peninsula. It is the 3rd largest Danish Island.

Funen has many attractions and beautiful views of the Baltic sea and also the Danish Kattegat sea. Funen’s many beaches and grasslands make it a great destination for beach weddings.Funen destinations include visiting famous castles.

A couple eloping abroad, enjoying their photoshop with an adventure wedding photographer at Hvedholm castle.
A couple celebrating their love and overseas wedding by the Hvedholm Castle lake.

Interested in a small intimate wedding abroad on? Funen Island, on this Denmark map, is a great destination wedding location.
Denmark and the Danish Islands; Funen Island is located southeast from the Jutland peninsula.

Couples eloping abroad are falling in love with Funen, Denmark because of its coastline and nature. Funen is surrounded by another 90 islands and has a coastline of over 700 miles.

Hvedholm Castle: Your Small Castle Wedding Venue

Hvedholm Castle was built in the 15th century and is a landmark today. Since then, Hvedholm castle has been turned into a hotel and restaurant, popular amongst lovers that dream of having their wedding in the castle.

Located in the outskirts of Faaborg (an old port town in the southwestern part of Funen Island), couples dreaming of a royal adventure wedding are booking their Cozy Fairytale Castle Wedding Package to have Hvedholm as their castle wedding venue.

A beautiful view to Hvedholm castle - the castle venue for your wedding in Denmark
A view to the Hvedholm castle - the perfect wedding venue in Denmark

Couples eloping abroad come to this location for the stunning location and scenery. Nordic Wedding Adventures has hosted couples like Marina & Daniel.

Hvedholm Castle is perfect if you want to have a European wedding destination in Denmark while hosting a small castle wedding for your loved ones and closest friends.

More Fun Sights To See on Funen Island

If you have some free time after booking the Hvedholm Castle as your wedding venue, consider exploring Funen Island in your free time as newlyweds.

Couples having their small intimate wedding abroad also enjoy nearby sights important to Scandanavian culture and heritage such as the Horne Church, the Faaborg Church, the Egeskov Castle, the Broholm Castle, and prehistoric ancient ruins.

The Horne Church

The Horne Church, just 3 minutes by car from the Hvedholm Castle, is a must-see sight during your elopement abroad.

The Faaborg Church

Just 10 minutes from the Hvedholm Castle, The Faaborg Church is an another must-see sight on Fynen island.

Prehistoric Ancient Ruins and Monuments

Just 10 minutes from the Hvedholm Castle are the ancient ruins of the Skerningehoj Passage Grave estimated to have been built in 3200 BC. By comparison, the ancient tombs of Egypt date back to 2560 BC

In a different direction, about 15 minutes from Hvedholm Castle is the Pipstorn Forest which holds an ancient burial site that dates back to 3600 BC. The forest is a large tourist destination and offers a recreational area for visitors while being a home for wild animals.

Egeskov Castle

About 10 kilometers from Hvedholm castle is Egeskov Castle. Egeskov Castle is known as the best preserved Renaissance water castle in Europe.

While Egeskov Castle is a stunning beauty, weddings cannot be hosted there. Since it’s a 25-minute drive from Hvedholm Castle, you can easily visit the Egeskov Castle during your island wedding adventure.

Egeskov castle is popular amongst couples that want to have a royal wedding shoot and get married in Denmark.
A view to the Egeskov Castle

It was built around the 15th century and is full of numerous oil paintings as well as a huge iron chest that dates back to the 16th century. Egeskov’s Late Gothic exterior is complemented by an intricate interior, including secret passages.

For more contemporary history lovers, the castle also hosts a Classics Car Museum where its home to over 50 models ranging from the late 19th century all the way to the 1980s.

The photo of Egeskov castle -the perfect destination to your adventure wedding in Denmark
The aerial view on the Egeskov castle

Egeskov Castle is also home to many gardens, some which are also mazes, perfect for couples. Fun fact: the world’s largest bamboo maze can also be found at Egeskov Castle!

Broholm Castle

Just 40 minutes from the Hvedholm Castle, located northeast of Svendborg town, is the Broholm Castle, a manor house that dates back to the 14th century.

Broholm Castle can also cater to couples wanting to experience the day horseback riding around the castle and the surrounding nature. full of flowers and wildlife like roaming ducks.

This natural location will bring a fresh breath of air to your new journey as a newlywed couple. Eloping abroad isn’t just about getting married, but also experiencing the thrill of an adventure wedding and the nearby locations and attractions.

Broholm castle is a great destination amongst couples that want to elope abroad, experience a castle in the wedding, and feel like royalty.

While a Denmark wedding is mostly about experiencing nature and scenery, there are still many interesting things to do. Near Broholm Castle is the Chamberlain’s Stone Age Museum which contains over 60,000 pieces of flint from the Stone Age. About 4 kilometers away is Lundeborg town which has a lovely little port to explore, sandy beaches, and serves ice cream.

Denmark Castle Wedding: Getting married in Denmark

After your wedding in the castle, Funen Island has many other attractions to see such as The Funen Village in Odense, for example. While in Denmark, also take the opportunity to roam through the top Copenhagen attractions.

Denmark is full of castles and manors. A Funen castle wedding at the Hvedholm castle wedding venue may be for you if you want to create an unbelievable experience, full of charm and character.

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