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Hana and Jiri’s Adventure Elopement

Updated: May 21, 2022

A couple posing in the front of white cliffs during their adventure elopement abroad

Hana and Jiri, a darling couple from the Czech Republic, recently decided to elope abroad together, and has selected a petite botanical garden on Lolland Island for their ceremony, with following visit of Møn -the another beautiful island in Denmark.

Newlyweds in the botanical garden during their adventure elopement abroad

Lolland Island is a tiny island located in the Baltic Sea. It is a wonderful place for elopements and wedding ceremonies, as it is very quiet and peaceful. It is covered in forests and the views and scenery which this island has to offer are absolutely amazing.

Dodekalitten, a famous place on Lolland

The wedding package which the newlywed couple chose for their exquisite adventure elopement was the Romantic Location Wedding Package. This package offers quite a large array of different options for locations and travel accommodations. The romantic location package offers the perfect surroundings for a couple to say their vows to each other, these surroundings include the beautiful Nordic beaches of Denmark, extravagant Scandinavian forests, blissful Maribo Lakes, and many romantic parks to choose from.

A couple walking in the field with a view to the bridge to Lolland

An Extravagant Experience

Hana and Jiri truly had an amazing time during their adventure elopement in Denmark on Lolland and Møn Islands. It was a day that the couple will remember for the rest of their lives. The newlyweds had a very private and intimate wedding, as there was no one in attendance at the ceremony. This made the feeling of the wedding very quiet and peaceful.

A groom posing in the botanical garden just before he get married in Denmark

A bride walking to her husband to be at their adventure elopement in Denmark

Intimate wedding ceremony on Danish island for weddings

Hana and Jiri were able to keep the focus on each other because of this, and not have to worry about too many other factors surrounding them during their celebration of their love for each other.

A newlyweds cut cake as they just get married in Denmark

A bride and groom eat the cake as they elope abroad on Danish island for weddings

After the two said their vows to each other in a small yet extravagant botanical garden, Hana and Jiri enjoyed a stroll through the beautiful, green Scandinavian forests of Lolland Island, and white cliffs of Møn island. They eventually found a nice patch of grass where they stopped for a while and enjoyed some luxurious champagne with each other.

Adventure elopement in the front of Danish mill.

Elopement abroad to Danish Møn island for weddings

A couple elope in Europe to the Danish island for weddings

Next, the couple continued their walk in the Liselund park of Møn, and then, in an incredible area of white cliffs, where they were able to see some remarkably beautiful views of the bright blue and extravagant Baltic Sea.

A couple enjoying their small intimate wedding since they elope in Europe

Newlyweds posing in the front of Liselund gammel slot as they elope in Europe in Denmark

Hana and Jiri were constantly laughing and smiling during their elopement abroad. The couple was truly satisfied with their blissful adventure elopement, and it was a moment which the two of them will cherish for the rest of their lives. Their decision to elope abroad in the free spirited country of Denmark is surely one that they will not regret.

A couple in the front of white cliff during their adventure elopement in Europe, in Denmark

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