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Amanda and Ulrich’s Intimate Elopement Abroad

A photo of Amanda and Ulrich having fun at their intimate elopement abroad

Amanda and Ulrich, a newlywed couple from Germany, chose the Magical Touch wedding package for their romantic elopement abroad. It was a private wedding with the elopement involving only the two of them, a truly magical experience and opportunity to get married abroad.

A couple kissing in the ancient church during they wedding in Denmark

Their elopement package featured a wedding at a UNESCO Heritage site, so they got married in the Ancient Hojerup Church on Stevens Klint. They choose to have an indoor ceremony, but couples also like to get married outdoors at this location, like Darya and Karsten did.

A view from the balcony on Stevens klint, where couples can marry

A decoration of benches in the Højerup old Church

The two exchanged their wedding vows in the ancient church followed by toasting champagne and a delicious wedding cake which are included as a part of the elopement package. They kissed, laughed, and sipped champagne together as they enjoyed the beautiful views that the nature of Denmark has to offer. They also liked the ancient church’s balcony which overlooked the amazing Baltic Coast of Denmark. Amanda and Ulrich had a blissful experience during their intimate wedding abroad in the beautiful country of Denmark.

A picture from the former church in Denmark, where foreign couples can get married

A photo of the cake and bubbles on the table

A couple toasting at Hojerup gammel kirke, where they get married fast

After their wedding ceremony, Amanda and Ulrich strolled along the coast of the Baltic Sea together, as they held hands with each other and had photos and video taken of their precious experience by a professional photographer.

Magical Touch Wedding Package

Newlyweds dancing in Hojerup old church in Denmark, where they married

The Magical Touch wedding package gave the couple a wedding ceremony at a historical site, with amazing views of Denmark, in a very peaceful, quiet and romantic environment. This was perfect for the couple and their private, yet festive intimate wedding abroad ceremony.

A picture of the emotional bride, during wedding ceremony in Højerup church

This elopement package was also very easy on the minds of the newlywed couple, as all they needed to do was focus on enjoying themselves and their special day and the beautiful scenery.

A couple embracing in the park on Stevns klint, after their romantic elopement abroad to Denmark

All of the technical and small things that had to be done in order to have the marriage completed, were handled by us at Nordic Adventure Weddings, as a part of the Magical Touch offering, one of our many other great wedding package. All of the legal paperwork was completed for the couple in order to make their marriage official, necessary fees for the UNESCO Heritage site were paid for, and an international marriage certificate was issued right after the wedding ceremony.

The wedding package is available all year round, with many couples even coming in the winter months to get married abroad in Denmark! Also, 8 guests are included at no additional cost, but newlyweds also choose this package as an elopement opportunity.

Amanda and Ulrich were clearly happy with their elopement in Denmark, and they will cherish the day of their wedding for the rest of their lives.

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