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LGBT Forest Elopement Wedding: Emmalyn & Archille

LGBT couple who choose forest elopement wedding in Denmark

Emmalyn & Archille’s intimate wedding abroad was on a special spring day on March 22, 2022 in Christianssæde, a romantic private forest in Denmark. For their LGBT ceremony, the couple planned a forest wedding in Denmark that was truly an elopement with just the two of them on a magical adventure with each other.

Forest wedding venue decoration

Surrounded by nature, trees, and bespoke wedding decorations, Emmalyn & Archille had a dreamy time on their elopement, a location the couple picked with our Romantic Location Packages.

Floral decoration is ready for the forest wedding venue

Upon arriving at the forest, surrounded by natural beauty and love, Emmalyn & Archille embraced each other, excited by their special day and intimate spring wedding in Denmark.

Lesbian couple embracing each other during they LGBT forest elopement in Denmark

Brides hold each other in hands as they had their same-sex marriage in Denmark

Surrounded by candles, flowers, and charming arrangements, Emmalyn & Archille felt connected not only with each other but also the beautiful nature. Denmark is a beautiful country with so many magical locations, ideal for intimate elopements and adventure lovers.

Two brides walking in the forest wedding venue

The brides were stunning with their elegant and classy white dresses with matching white rose bouquets. The minimal but chic styling combined with the forest location gave an airy and lighthearted vibe to the ceremony with a layer of intimacy and privacy.

Two brides kissing at their woodland wedding abroad in Denmark

The brides took turns exchanging vows right in the heart of the forest, sharing their love, feelings, and hopes for their bond. It was a powerful and intense moment that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Two brides reading vows to each other at their lgbt wedding forest ceremony abroad in Denmark

After sharing their deepest thoughts, it was time to open the champagne and celebrate their official union and experience of getting married abroad in Denmark!

Two brides open champagne to celebrate LGBT wedding on Danish island Lolland

Lesbian couple toasting with champagne at their forest elopement in Denmark

Emmalyn & Archille sat down for their outdoor makeshift picnic, at a table with candles, minimal but graceful decoration, and enjoyed the food and champagne as they celebrated their European wedding adventure in the forest.

A romantic picnic setup for Danish island wedding

Danish tapas at the reception after the wedding

Two brides eating Danish tapas at their forest elopement on Danish island Lolland

Denmark is a perfect destination for gay and lesbian weddings. Since Denmark was the first country to legalise same-sex marriage in 1989, it has a long history of love and acceptance. Danish culture is laid back and open-minded at its core, allowing couples from all over the world and all different types of backgrounds to elope and enjoy their wedding day in peace and harmony.

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