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Lucy and Joshua Intimate Wedding in Denmark

Updated: May 21, 2022

Newlyweds posing on the balcony of the ancient church during their intimate wedding in Denmark

Lucy and Joshua, a newlywed couple from Ireland, recently chose to have their elopement abroad and get married in Denmark. The two of them chose the “Magical Touch” wedding package for their dream adventure.

A couple inside of the Højerup old Church during their wedding in Denmark

The marriage ceremony took place in an ancient church that is now UNESCO heritage. It was a private ceremony, meaning that there were absolutely no people invited to come and attend the celebration. It was just the two of them, which is why the wedding turned out to be such an intimate one, a true elopement.

A couple walking in the Højerup Church since they are going to get married in Denmark

Inside of the old Højerup church elopement package in Denmark

The wedding ceremony took place on a balcony of the historical church which gazed upon a beautiful sea view along the coast of the extravagant shores of Denmark.

Newlyeds on the balcony of the ancient Church during their wedding ceremony abroad in Denmark

After the couple said their vows to each other, they toasted up and shared a smooth bottle of champagne together and officially entered a new chapter of their life.

A couple getting bubbles since they just get married in Denmark

A couple eating the wedding cake coz they getting married in Denmark

A couple toasting during their magical wedding in Denmark in the former church

Later on after enjoying their wedding cake, Lucy and Joshua were granted the luxury to experience the beautiful nature of Denmark and all of the wonderful scenery which it has to offer.

A couple enjoyimg the nature during their Danish wedding in old Højerup church

An Irish couple enjoying their Danish wedding and dancing

Together the couple strolled through the forests in the Stevns Klint area located on the southern coast of Denmark. Stevns Klint is one of the most famous cliffs in Denmark and it is known for having some of the most illustrious and remarkable views upon the Baltic Sea. It is truly an exceptionally peaceful place which is surrounded almost solely by nature, perfect for elopements abroad, as there are not too many people living in the area, making it the perfect spot to relax when a getaway is needed from time to time.

A couple having fun during their Danish wedding

A couple posing in the forest during their wedding in Denmark on Stevns klint

Newlyeds having fun during their elopement in Denmark wedding packages

Intimate Elopement Abroad

Lucy and Joshua had quite an intimate and blissful wedding, and judging by their expressions of pure joy and happiness throughout the day of their wedding ceremony, it is quite obvious that the newlywed couple will surely not regret their decision to get married in Denmark.

Intimate elopement abroad of Lucy and Joshua

Lucy and Joshua at the light house a great wedding venue in Denmark

The elopement abroad of the newlywed couple was a very spontaneous and romantic one. It was not just like any other average wedding, but rather more the complete opposite of what people are used to seeing. They decided to celebrate their marriage in their own kind of fashion, which made it very interesting and unique. There was some kind of magical touch involved in this intimate wedding in Denmark, so it certainly lived up to the name of the wedding package which was incorporated in this sensational celebration.

A happy couple posing in the field coz they getting married in Denmark

A couple saying vows in the old H'jerup church in Denmark where they having their magical wedding in Denmark

A magical wedding in Denmark is all about the love and marriage

A couple get fun on the balcony of the church where they just get married in Denmark

Outdoor wedding venue in Denmark

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