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Maribo – Denmark’s very own wedding town

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Newlyweds in Maribo after their wedding in Denmark

The charming and cozy cathedral town of Maribo on the island of Lolland is fondly known as ‘the town of love’ as it hosts so many weddings in Denmark for foreign couples. So, it seems fitting that Maribo is where we here at Nordic Adventure weddings, are based. Us residents of Maribo are rightly proud of our reputation for hosting weddings for foreign couples, and we’re always ready with a warm welcome for all of our visitors.

Get married in Denmark

Get married in Denmark at the Maribo lake nature park
A couple kissing on the pierce by Maribo lake

Maribo is situated in the middle of the spectacular Maribo Lakes Nature Reserve, on the island of Lolland, where you’ll find Denmark’s most island-dotted lakes, unique birdlife, fascinating cultural history and a stunning rural landscape. The Tour Boat Anemonen offers daily pleasure boat trips to explore the lakes.

A view to Maribo, your wedding town in Denmark
Aerial view to Maribo and the lake

Maribo Town Hall

Maribo Town Hall is perfect for romantic weddings and elopements with its rustic oak beams - it creates a cosy and stylish location for an intimate wedding ceremony.

Town hall wedding in Denmark for foreign couple
A couple listen to the Officiant in Maribo town hall

Maribo town hall intimate wedding in Denmark
A couple toasting in the camera during the live stream from their ceremony

Wedding in Maribo town hall Denmark for international couples
Newlyweds with their guests, dancing in Maribo town hall

Newly weds and the wedding cake in Denmark town hall of Maribo
Wedding cake at Maribo town hall

Newlyweds having live stream from their wedding in Denmark town hall
Many couples order Town Hall Personal package with live-stream.

A happy guests with wedding couple in Danish town hall in Maribo
Elope, or bring your family or friends in Maribo town hall

Maribo Cathedral

Maribo lake, a wedding venue in Denmark on Lolland island
Aerial view to Maribo lake where foreign couples get married in Denmark

A must-see site in Maribo is Maribo Cathedral. On the shores of the lakes sits this 600-year-old gothic cathedral. Dating back to 1416 the cathedral was originally part of Maribo Abbey, built to house monks on one side and nuns on the other. The ruins of this monastery still stand to this day and can be explored. Inside the cathedral are many priceless historical valuables including the tombstone of Leonara Christina the daughter of King Christian IV’s. Maribo Cathedral is open daily for visitors.

Newlyweds with friends in Maribo cathedral after they got married in Denmark

Newlyweds walking on the pier in Maribo, the wedding town in Denmark for foreign couples

Gay couple get married in Denmark near Maribo cathedral

In the center of the town is a pretty market square with traditional half-timbered medieval houses painted in bright colors. When we plan adventure weddings in Maribo, we love taking our couples for a fun stroll through the market square and getting some lovely images of them on the cobbled streets in front of the colorful half-timbered traditional houses.

A bride and groom walking on the Maribo street after they get married in Denmark

Same sex wedding in Denmark for this lesbian couple

A couple kissing on the street of Maribo, the wedding town in Denmark

Maribo is also proud to be home to one of Denmark’s oldest open-air museums. It takes you back in time to teach you about the island’s rich history and visit some historical buildings. Through these buildings you’ll learn about the lives of the people who would have lived and worked in them. It’s an interactive and fun way you can to act out your inner child as you get to play old village games and activities.

A couple kissing during their adventure elopement in Denmark in Maribo open air museum

There’s even a zoo in Maribo! Knuthenburg SafariPark is where you can meet the world’s largest animal, go on safari, meet rare Siberian tigers, explore the dinosaur forest and play in Denmark’s biggest nature playground. We love the elephant enclosure as it’s home to former circus elephants who have been rescued and are now cared for in a compassionate environment.

Cars on the roud in Maribo safari park

As Maribo is “the town of love” (it’s hard to say that without putting on a silly voice!) its hospitality sector is vibrant. Meaning that when it comes to food Maribo has lots of restaurants offering everything from French fine dining, to American diners, to sushi restaurants and Thai cuisine. There are also lots of traditional cafes serving danish food. Restaurants and cafes in Maribo are very used catering for weddings and can offer fantastic wedding packages as well as bespoke menus for your wedding day food.

Similarly, Maribo is well served for hotels. Milling Hotel Søpark has a lakeside location views of which can be enjoyed from their terrace and the cozy family run Ebsen Hotel has a fantastic central location. Both hotels have a good in-house restaurant. In addition to these there are lots of holiday lets that range in style and cater to all budgets.

A foreign couple getting married in Denmark by Maribo lakes

So, if you’re getting married in Denmark and think that Maribo could be the perfect wedding location for your Danish Island Wedding, special for Romantic Location Wedding Package for then why not get in touch.

We’d love to hear about your wedding plans. Contact us today!

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