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Multinational couple Courtney & Patryk´s intimate wedding in Denmark.

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Courtney & Patryk get married in Denmark

Getting Married in Denmark Patryk grew up in Poland and Courtney in New Zealand. The couple met in Scotland while they were working at the same hotel. They fell deeply in love. Although they made the decision to marry in Scotland, the juridical obstacles made this nearly impossible because neither was a citizen of Scotland. The couple had heard non-residents interested in a wedding in Denmark could be married easily, without all the bureaucratic obstacles. That is why they start to search for wedding planner in Denmark. This is when they contacted me through Nordic Adventure Weddings and the story really begins.

Adventure Wedding in Denmark for Courtney & Patryk

The Charming Adventure Package Patryk and Courtney selected our Charming Adventure package, which includes guided adventure tour on Danish islands, covered with a professional adventure photographer. We created this package for people interested in exploring new areas, travel and especially adventure. We feel this package is ideal for a proposal, renewing vows or a small intimate wedding abroad. We made the arrangements for the couple to stay at a cozy and extremely comfortable beach hotel.

Newlyweds kissing on the terrase of Bandholm hotel - perfect venue for your wedding abroad
Lovely beach hotel for their wedding in Denmark

The wedding Patryk and Courtney fell in love with not just the idea of marriage in Denmark but having the opportunity to explore an exciting new country. The couple wanted their families to be included in their experience. They invited everyone to Denmark including Patryk's brother and mother from Poland and Courtney's parents from New Zealand. Once they arrived, everyone had a sensational time together. The wedding ceremony was held at the sensational beach hotel, and included everything the couple loved most, music, candles, a lot of light and heavenly flowers. The small intimate wedding abroad was romantic and included everything the couple had been dreaming about. Once the ceremony concluded, the couple explored Lolland, a Danish island. The adventure tour was glorious and captured forever in incredible photos.

I love romantic and simple weddings, are you?

a-bride-and-groom-standing-together -while-they-getting-married-in-denmark
Happy couple Courtney & Patryk at their wedding in Denmark.

The Island of Lolland

One of the reasons Lolland is so unique is Dodecalith, the Stonehenge of Denmark. The old towns are absolutely charming with narrow streets, rich history and the romantic and peaceful environment of the Maribo Lakes. The entire family enjoyed their adventure on the island. They fell in love with the peaceful and romantic atmosphere of the beautiful island. Patryk and Courtney thanked Nordic Adventure Weddings because we made their dream come true. They returned home with all the required documents as a legally married couple. Truth be told, I enjoyed the experience as much as they did.

Do you want an adventure wedding? Contact us, and we will take care of the rest!

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