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Julia & Amen’s Intimate Wedding in a Charming Nordic Castle

Small intimate wedding in Nordic castle Vindeholme

Julia and Amen from Germany came with their close family and friends to Denmark’s Vindeholme Castle for a dashing intimate wedding celebration abroad!

A view to the Vindeholme - perfect castle wedding abroad venue

Georgeous room of the small castle Vindeholme, where you can have wedding abroad

Nice room of the Vindeholme castle where couples celebrate their castle wedding abroad

Booking the Small Castle Wedding Venue, Julia and Amen wanted something that was stylish but not too over the top. The Vindeholme Castle is ideal for that! With its picture perfect European courtyard, it just radiates a luscious green color, bringing a stunning backdrop to their castle wedding abroad.

A bride looking in the mirror, making ready for the castle wedding abroad

A bride and groom embracing in one of the castle rooms, before they getting married in Denmark in a castle

As the bride got ready together with her bridesmaid, a spirit of excitement and joy filled the air. The perfect location, a small castle on Lolland Island with its courtyard stretching down to the sea, exuded a subtle glamor and style as the guests waited eagerly in the courtyard, surrounded by the natural gardens.

Guests, the groom and the officiant waiting for the bride in a castle

A sense of enthusiasm came over the guests as soon as Julia appeared. The guests were so happy to be there and they really made the small castle wedding special.

A bride walking with her father in a little castle, where his daughter going to marry abroad in a castle

Seeing his bride walking towards him, the groom was overwhelmed with emotion, filled with joy and thankfulness for the moment, experience, and connection with his partner.

A  groom  overwhelmed with emotion in a Vindeholme castle where he get married abroad

The ceremony began right in the courtyard and the newlyweds’ exchanged vows, loving every second of getting married in the Vindeholme castle.

The ceremony was classy and splendid, and the newlyweds together with their small wedding party made it an exceptional late spring wedding day.

Wedding ceremony in a little castle yard, the perfect location for the small wedding abroad

After the official wedding ceremony was completed, the guests came and one by one congratulated the happy bride and groom, wishing them a happy life and success as a couple together.

Guest at the wedding congratulate newlyweds

A bride and her friend having a video call to the familiy

Julia and Amen, together with their friends and family, turned their wedding castle into an unforgettable adventure abroad that will be cherished forever.

A portrait of the small intimate family wedding abroad in the Vindeholme castle

Full of cheer and delight, the party moved indoors where cake and champagne were waiting!

A picture of the champagne bottles with ice cubes

A wedding cake served for your small castle wedding abroad in Denmark

The couple loved getting married abroad in the Vindeholme castle and enjoyed every moment of the romantic wedding venue, as they cherished their experience on Lolland Island with their friends and family.

Newlyweds toasting with guests after they get married abroad in the castle on Danish island for weddings

Julia & Amen thank you for choosing Denmark’s Lolland Island and the Vindeholme Castle for your fun small wedding abroad! It was a pleasure having you and we wish you all the best!

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