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The Falcon Hotel for your adventure elopement

A couple kissing in the front of the hotel Falcon during their adventure elopement on Bornholm

The Falcon Hotel is a beautiful hotel in Denmark where everyone is very passionate about travelling, hunting, discovering new things, and creating new memories. It is very popular amongst couples that go to Denmark for their adventure elopement.

Rachel & Jack from Scotland during their adventure elopement on Bornholm
Rachel & Jack from Scotland during their stay in the Falcon hotel
The dinning room of the Falcon hotel on Bornholm
Original colonial chic atmosphere in the dinning room

Located on the remote Bornholm Island, The Hotel Falcon is a top tier boutique hotel with an adventurous side. It is the perfect place for travellers that love adventures and to rest after a long day of exploring the beautiful nature which Bornholm has to offer.

A group of wedding guests at their adventure elopement
Guests arrived to the intimate wedding of Francois and Willian from different countries

A guy couple getting married in Denmark on Bornholm island
Francois and Willian enjoying the moment before taking to the wedding venue

Every single day brings a new adventure in the spectacular terrain of Bornholm, and the Falcon Hotel is the perfect place for explorers to relax after a long day of experiencing new journeys and doing exciting things.

The room of the hotel ideal for relaxing after adventure elopement
The perfect place for explorers to relax

Adventure Elopement Destination

The Falcon Hotel is one of our favorite hotels and our couples that we have helped get married in Denmark couldn’t agree more. Kelly & Dean from Texas loved staying at the Falcon Hotel as a part of their Island Escape package on Bornholm.

A couple on Bornholm during their adventure elopement

Newlyweds play chess after they had their elopement wedding in Denmark on Bornholm

A couple embracing in the hotel after their adventure elopement to ruins

The rooms in the Falcon Hotel are quite luxurious as well.They come with amazing views which either look over the Baltic Sea, or the Cliff Garden, depending on which side of the hotel you are on. The housing is very cozy and comfortable, which is great for explorers who have had a long day and wish to be able to sleep peacefully at night. A guest house room can be offered to the people who have decided to travel with their pets, so they do not have to worry about where they will keep their special guests.

The Falcon Hotel offers a huge array of different foods of the highest quality which allows travellers to truly enjoy their experience in Denmark to the fullest. Drinks, snacks, and desserts of the highest quality are also offered to guests, allowing travellers to have moments of relaxation throughout their long, time consuming, and adventurous days.

Dessert served at the hotel Falcon on Bornholm

Delicious food served at the hotel Falcon on Bornholm island

At the end of the day it is no secret that the Falcon Hotel is the perfect place for an adventure elopement for travellers who enjoy living their lives to the absolute fullest.

A newlyweds toasting in the front of the hotel after their adventure wedding on Bornholm
Toasting at the front of the Falcon Hotel

A bride walking to the groom in the hotel falcon since they are going to marry in denmark
Excited bride on the way to her groom

A couple toasting before their adventure elopement starts on Bornholm
Skål! The couple is ready for their life adventure

A bride holds her bouquet before driving to the wedding venue in Denmark on Bornholm
On the terrace

The owner of this hotel, Martin Ramstrup, together with the director Mette Tiensuu epitomise this kind of life philosophy. They enjoy constantly creating new memories and going on journeys and adventures every single day.

Adventurous couple Mette and Martin
Mette & Martin - the adventurous couple behind the Falcon hotel´s concept

With all of these credentials we can rest assured that The Falcon Hotel will always be in good hands and will continue to preserve its tradition and culture of enjoying life to the fullest and looking at every day as a new adventure.

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