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Yana and Kalum - Kronborg castle wedding in Denmark

Newlyweds in the front of Kronborg castle where you can have your wedding abroad in Denmark

We always love arranging weddings at Kronborg Castle. Otherwise known as Hamlet’s Castle as it is the castle that William Shakespeare set Hamlet in. Though in his play it is anglicised to ‘Elsinore Castle.’ The place that inspired the writer of the greatest love story ever told just has to be a fantastic place to get married in Denmark.

A couple posing in the front of Hamlet castle as they getting married abroad in the castle

A view to the Krinborg castle in Denmark, perfect castle wedding venue abroad

Yana and Kalum, a lovely couple from Ireland, chose this castle for their magical elopement abroad and booked it through our Castle wedding package. As with all of our weddings we took care of all the boring legal and administrative matters freeing up Yana and Kalum to plan the fun parts of their wedding adventure. And we were there on the day making sure everything ran smoothly.

A couple walking by Kronborg castle in Denmark, where foreign couples can get married abroad in Denmark

Kronborg sits in the port city of Hesignor and dates back to 1420. Historically, ships would pass through the narrow straight into the Baltic Sea and pay their tolls at the castle making

Helsingor one of the most important towns in Europe for trade. Its fascinating history has earned it UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

We create beautiful castle wedding elopements in Denmark

Newlyweds have fun in the yard of Kronborg castle, where they have elopement wedding abroad in Denmark

Yana looked so effortlessly pretty in a vintage antique gold dress that perfectly fitted her slender frame and had the most intricate lace detailing. Kalum wore a great petrol blue three-piece suit. The pair of them looked timelessly stylish and totally relaxed at the same time. The perfect look for a relaxed elopement wedding abroad.

A portrait of the wedding couple in the castle of Hamlet, the best castle wedding venue in Europe

Their intimate wedding ceremony was held in one of the castles historic rooms that had lots of period features and they took their vows beside an enormous feature fireplace. It was a wonderfully personal ceremony as Yana and Kalum had written their own vows.

A picture of the emotional bride, listening to her groom reading vows at their castle wedding abroad in Denmark

A bride smiling to her groom, while they sitting by the fireplace in Kronborg castle, best wedding venue in Europe for elopements

An officiant reading her speech to the foreign couple, getting married in Denmark in a castle

Newlyweds drinking champagne by the window of the Hamlet castle, one of the best wedding venues in Europe

Romantic Kronborg Castle wedding

After the ceremony they celebrated with champagne before embarking on a tour of the castle and the surrounding areas with one of our adventure wedding photographers. Yana and Kalum were so much fun to work with.We loved the fact that they had a dance in the ballroom on the stunning checkerboard floor, had a mini water fight in the well, posed playfully by a traditional cart in the castle courtyard and blew dandelion clocks.

A couple dancing in the castle during their romantic elopement  abroad to Danish island for weddings

An intimate moment when newlyweds embracing in the yard of Kronborg castle after they get married abroad in Denmark

A couple posing in the front of the orange building by the castle, where they had elopement wedding in Denmark

There’s a saying that couples who play together, stay together. So, we’ve no doubt Yana and Kalum have a very long and happy future ahead of them.

A groom running after his bride on the beach by the Kronborg castle, the perfect venue for the adventure elopement abroad

A bride laughing to her groom while they relax after their romantic elopement abroad to the Danish castle of Hamlet

Newlyweds having fun and playing with flowers after their adventure elopement to Danish islands for weddings and their marriage in the castle

We loved arranging Yana and Kalum’s gorgeous elopement wedding in Denmark. If, like them, you think an intimate Danish Island elopement wedding could be perfect for you then why not browse our gallery for inspiration.

And if you have any questions just get in touch. We’d love to show you how easily your dream of an island wedding abroad can be turned into an affordable, fun and stress-free reality.

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