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A happy couple at medieval Hammershus Ruins - book the "Island Escape all-inclusive package" for your Bornholm Island adventure wedding!.


scandinavian adventure weddings & elopements

Your wedding is the start of an adventure of a lifetime with the person you love.  Our concept is for you to treat your wedding as the opportunity to go outside your daily routine and have an adventure abroad in Denmark. We also cater to couples seeking to renew their vows or plan a surprise proposal abroad!

What is our adventure wedding?

The image of the lighthouse on Bornholm island

It is your guided journey through the Danish bridal islands with your own adventure photographer, filled with action according to a pre-designed program tailored to your personal interests!

Couple on the beach during their romantic elopement to Denmark

An adventure wedding is an opportunity to turn your wedding into a trip where you learn more about fairytale Denmark, one of the best European wedding destinations. Browse through our adventure wedding packages and other wedding packages ideas for Denmark. 

and much more...

A groom and his bride enjoying their elopement ceremony abroad in Denmark while exploring Stevens Klint.

Fei and Ionut  during their adventure wedding in Denmark, an outdoor elopement ceremony on Stevens Klint UNESCO World Heritage Site.


A wedding or elopement ceremony with us is not only about the ceremony itself but about Denmark and Danish history, Scandinavian nature, culture, local food and people. It is a unique opportunity for you and your beloved ones to spend a few days together and explore Denmark in your own special way during your Nordic wedding. 

While preparing your journey here, we will advise you about all legal stuff, including the documents needed for getting married in Denmark.

An elopement ceremony in Denmark is all about experiencing the hidden treasures, pictures a newlywed couple laughing by a boat.
A couple kissing on top of rocks surrounded by sheep during their intimate wedding abroad.

Your adventure wedding in Denmark will be a day filled with fun and discoveries where you explore Danish nature and culture. We show you all of the hidden gems. Your wedding day will be filled with action and adventure, all to be captured by an adventure photographer. 


In Denmark, we are very proud of our nature and history. That is what we want to share with you during your Denmark elopement. We want your adventure wedding to be a special day and an amazing experience of the Danish islands. 


Every couple is different and has their own sets of interests and passions. Depending on yours, we can craft a themed adventure wedding tailored to your likes. 

  • Viking-themed adventure wedding: Are you interested in Viking history? We can offer you a viking-style wedding (if you wish) and create a customized tour to show you all the best Viking places. 

  • Nordic beach adventure wedding: If you love the beach, come explore the Danish beaches! With your ceremony on the beach, your adventure wedding in Denmark can be a laid back but fun experience!

  • Museum-filled adventure wedding: If you like museums and history, Denmark is full of neat museums with fascinating themes.

  • Intimate elopement adventure wedding: Want something simple and intimate just for the two of you? We can create an intimate wedding on the beach with a couch! Show you the best local places and the little hidden areas of the tiny islands and the ruins.

  • Forest adventure wedding: Scandinavian forests and nature parks are plenty in Denmark. Many also have prehistoric sites preserved. Visitors also enjoy horseback riding through the luscious forests or going for hikes or bike rides. We also offer romantic treehouse accommodation for forest elopement weddings.

  • Cuisine lovers wedding: Denmark is proud of its locally-sourced cuisine. We value our local farmers. 

  • Castle adventure wedding:Get married in Denmark in a castle wedding venue or let us guide you through the most amazing castles. You will learn more about the rich history of castles, all while capturing the beauty with your personal adventure photographer. 

  • Sports adventure wedding: Denmark isn’t just known for its culture, but also for its nature and sports-filled opportunities. Our green towns and cities offer many hiking trails, areas for bike-riding, and kayaking.

  • Mix-and-match! Your wedding abroad is your special adventure. If you want to see a little bit of everything, let us know what you are interested in and we will organize the perfect day for you

Your wedding day will be filled with wonderful discoveries captured by an adventure photographer. Our expertise, knowledge and local connections will help you throughout your adventure wedding in Denmark. 

About Adventure Weddings

a couple laughing and having fun at their elopement ceremony in Denmark.

Tricia & Jim, an American couple, chose a lovely Nordic beach for their elopement ceremony.

  • An adventure wedding could be an intimate wedding with guests or an elopement ceremony filled with peace of mind, unity with nature, exploration, love to history, and adventure.

  • ​It can be one day, on which your elopement ceremony will take place, followed by a guided trip to nearby island locations with our adventure photographer, or several days where you might want to see Danish castles or even arrange a surprise entertainment for your guests.

  • We also organize short trips to Germany (Rostock, Berlin) and Sweden (Malmø, Helsingborg). Only your imagination is the limit!

  • Your adventure wedding will be designed as an action-packed event, based on your wishes and interests, and documented forever in stunning photos by an elopement photographer. 

  • Your adventure wedding is proudly rooted in sustainability practices. Each wedding is an eco-friendly green wedding. 

An adventure wedding is an opportunity to learn more about and experience a different part of the world. If you are interested in Denmark but for a quick civil wedding or a romantic location wedding without the extra tours, we can help you organize your Nordic wedding. 

Our contribution to your green wedding.
Your eco-friendly choice


A couple holding hands and having fun during their green wedding in Denmark.

 Lisa & Elia having fun during their eco wedding in Denmark in an open-air museum after their elopement ceremony.

  • We make your ceremony in an open space with rustic outdoorsy vibe, in locations where the native flora and fauna provide natural adornment. It’s a part of our eco-friendly wedding philosophy to celebrate nature all around.

  • We recycle all we can, a basic tenant of a sustainable green wedding. We do not use any plastic, and always clean after ourselves leaving no traces of our stay in nature (we adhere to the same principles in our daily lives).

a couple laughing in the rain during their eco wedding in Denmark.

 Melanie & Shreyam enjoying their natural adventure eco wedding in Denmark

  • We source your food from suppliers that use local, seasonal and mostly organic food. A green wedding means paying attention to all the details, including food.

  • For vegetarians and vegans, we source an eco wedding meal from our local CO2 friendly Earth to Table restaurant focusing on Vegan and Vegetarian dishes.

  • For decoration, we collaborate with a florist that designs each bouquet by hand using mostly locally grown flowers. Our green wedding centerpieces are an intriguing arrangement with candles and crafts.

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