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Bornholm - your amazing island wedding abroad.

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

A view to the Hammershus ruins - a romantic venue for your Danish wedding abroad
A view to the Hammershus ruins - a romantic venue for your Danish wedding

Allow me to introduce you to the mystical island of Bornholm and to present you an incredible wedding packages for the small intimate wedding abroad for those who can appreciate the beauty of nature and dream of visiting the most picturesque places on earth, so that when you return home you could say: “I could not imagine that Denmark, a country that is not so easy to find on the map, has so many interesting things! ”

A view to the Opal lake where you can marry abroad in Denmark if you eloping
Opal lake - a hidden jem of Bornholm

The enchanting island is known as the “Pearl of the Baltic Sea”. Unique rocky slopes and steep cliffs, round churches, quaint villages - all this and much more will amaze the imagination of vacationers. The island of Bornholm can be called the easternmost border of Denmark. Danes think Bornholm is like Hawaii!

A typical cozy yard in Allinge town where you can get married abroad in Denmark
A typical cozy yard in Allinge town

So, Bornholm is an island belonging to Denmark with a population of 40 thousand people, located in the Baltic Sea between Sweden, Poland and Germany. This is the main Danish resort, which is compared with Hawaii, then with Tuscany.

A view to the Gudjem harbour, awhere you can make elopement wedding in Denmark
A Gudjem little harbour

From Copenhagen it is easiest to get here by plane - 25 minutes and you are there.

The climate on the island is so temperate that in the gardens they manage to grow rice, apricots, mulberries and walnuts, wild plantations of which can be found only in this part of Denmark.

The specialties of Bornholm Island are fish caught by local fishermen and immediately smoked in local smokehouses. Lamb, unusually fragrant and delicate, because the lambs graze on fat pastures near the ruins of the medieval castle of Hammershus, eat exotic herbs, such as a colony, and do not know any artificial top dressing.

A bride on the Danish island wedding in Denmark

A couple embrasing in the nature of Bornholm since they elope abroad

Bornholm landscapes are long white beaches, grassy dunes, blue-grey waves of the Baltic, dense forests, deer grazing at the side of the road.

Bornholm is a soft, calming natural beauty. In a day and a half, you can go around Bornholm. Here you can spend 3-4-5 days and not get tired, especially if you are prone to walks and like, for example, riding a bicycle.

According to one of our clients, all of Denmark is indecent, defiantly prosperous. Everything here is so well-groomed, so puppet, so Instagram, that sometimes it seems to you that you are sleeping. or you are in the scenery of a children's film.

Hammershus ruin where you can elope abroad and have your adventure wedding in Denmark
An aerial view to the Hammershus ruins

The island is proud of the quality of superbly refined, golden rapeseed oil, they drink local red wine and beer. Delicacies of Bornholm are brown bread, sausages and ham, and local cheese, and "organic ice cream". All products produced on Bornholm are environmentally friendly and therefore very tasty.

A view to Gudjem town, a perfect place fpr the elopement abroad
Gudjem town

Harbour of Gudjem, where you can get married in Denmark
Gudjem harbour

Bornholm Island is the perfect place for your memorable adventure intimate wedding, where you can relax from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. This is one of the most romantic and calm islands of Denmark, with an indescribable atmosphere of romance.

Hammershus ruins - a Denmark wedding venue for the eloping abroad couples
The ancient ruins on Bornholm

We created for you amazing all-inclusive adventure elopement packages.

Beeing married on this island, you will not forget Bornholm - and wonderful photos will preserve the history of your adventure. Just look at the portfolio of Franziska & Marcus!

Newlyweds looking to the sea after they get married in Denmark on Bornholm
Markus & Franziska looking to the Baltic Sea from the ruins

We are waiting for you in Denmark. Remember, that Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail. (Leonardo da Vinci)

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