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5 tips for choosing a perfect destination for your wedding abroad.

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Foreign couple walking on Danish street after they choose Danish wedding planner for their destination wedding
Anya & Ryan from Germany enjoyed their wedding day in Denmark

Weddings are special, but comprise a lot of emotions and feelings of yours. All couples need to ensure that their big day turns out to be special and memorable. So, if you are planning a destination wedding, then there are going to be a lot of things involved in it. From the mode of reaching the place to choosing a perfect wedding venue abroad, it will involve a lot. Therefore, in this blog, we tend to be here with a small guide that would surely help you in deciding how to pick the perfect location for your destination wedding. Let us dive into it!!!

1. Pick the Right Location for Wedding

Well, I am sure that you would love to get married in the middle of an island or on the coast of a beach. However, it is not always possible that the guests will be thrilled for such type of destination wedding. It is because of the beach that can be a bit risky for their children or the humid climate which makes getting ready a task.

The couple from USA smiling to photographer and enjoy their elopement to Denmark
Tricia & Jim from Chicago chose the lake and viking music for their elopement to Denmark

So, when it comes to picking the right place, you always look for a place that has beautiful nature, no interference of local authorities to stop your ceremony, and much more. Keeping all of this in mind, we suggest that if you wish to marry abroad, then Denmark is your place. Yes, from locations to people, easy marriage laws, and services; everything is just pleasant over here. Denmark has been excellently hosting several foreign weddings every year and you can be the next now!!!

2. Start Looking for the Local Wedding Planner

Wedding planner in Denmark helps you to organize everything.
Local wedding planner helps you to make the right choice

Once you are a level higher by picking your location, then the next important thing for you is to find a local wedding planner. Always remember to find a wedding planner that is an expert in arranging the foreign couple weddings. It is because the local customs and traditions are going to be way too much different from yours. One thing is for sure that being an American, you would not prefer getting married in a Dutch tradition. Isn’t it? To avoid this, we suggest you hire a well experienced local wedding planner that can plan your foreign wedding.

3. Hunt for the Best Wedding Services

Newlyweds in the front of the Danish castle as they get married in the castle
The couple in the front of Danish castle

There are lots of things you need to take care of when you are planning to marry abroad. From choosing the right location to looking for flight tickets, and picking a good destination wedding package; everything is mandatory. Therefore, you need to do a lot of research for your big day. From the makeup service to laundry, food, drinks, and many more; everything has to be decided by you. Your wedding planner will get everything at your service.

4. Book the Venue and Customize your Day

The couple kissing at the Danish cliffs at their elopement to Denmark
The couple at the Møns cliffs in Denmark

The next important thing for you is to choose your venue in Denmark and decide what your wedding should be like. Nordic Adventure Weddings is here to help you as we provide you with different theme-based weddings such as castle wedding, romantic location, island escape, and a very basic town hall wedding – just look at our amazing wedding packages.

5. Prepare a Set of Questions

We know weddings are exciting but you surely do not want to ruin it in a hurry. Hence, prepare a set of questions that you will be asking the wedding planner that you hire for your destination wedding. This is important as you want your day to be the perfect one.

Nordic Adventure Weddings is here to help you in every way for your foreign wedding and will make it memorable for you!!!

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