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6 reasons why you should get married in Denmark

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

A couple landing back and smiling in the garden during their adventure wedding in Denmark

No occasions are happier than wedding days so why not get married in Denmark the happiest country in the world. There are so many reasons why you should choose Denmark for your destination wedding location but to make it easy, we are going to limit ourselves to six (it won’t be easy!) So, here are our top six reasons for getting married in Denmark.

You should get married in Denmark because….

1. it’s home to fairy-tale weddings.

Denmark has so many fairy-tale castles each with their own rich history and links to royalty. And many can be booked as wedding venues such as Kronborg Castle which is the castle that Shakespeare set his Hamlet play in. Look at our Castle wedding packages and choose your favorite castle! You can marry in the castle even if you elope abroad just 2 of you.

The quaint City of Odense was home to the greatest teller of fairy-tales ever Hans Christian Andersen, and today its cobbled streets and historic colourful timber-framed buildings make it a fantastic location for a wedding. Imagine having those as a backdrop in your wedding photographs.

You should choose a have your wedding in Denmark because…

2. it’s easy. It takes just 1 hour and 50 minutes to fly from the UK to Denmark, or 2 hours in the car from Hamburg! And because Denmark is so small you are never far from an airport. Denmark is one of the easiest countries in the world to get married in. Here at Nordic Adventure Weddings, we can plan your wedding with just two weeks’ notice and get you approved to be married in Denmark in just five working days. What can we say, us Dane’s must be romantics at heart!

A groom embrasing his bride in the fron of the beach during their Danish wedding.

You should get married in Denmark because….

3. of wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen! Denmark’s capital ranks high on the lists of the world’s healthiest and happiest cities. It’s not hard to see why. Packed with culture, history, beautiful architecture, green spaces, art, exciting cuisine, world famous landmarks and fantastic nightlife. And it’s officially the most climate-friendly city in the world. Copenhagen is an amazing location for your wedding in Denmark. The stunning City Hall is a popular choice for wedding ceremonies and as for venues for a wedding reception. If you can imagine it, Copenhagen will have it.

You should choose to have your wedding in Denmark because …

4. we do the best beach weddings. A short ferry ride will take you to one of Denmark’s beautiful islands for a wedding on the beach against a backdrop of beautiful rolling countryside and pretty historic coastal towns. Achingly beautiful and serene beach weddings in Denmark are a truly unique and romantic location to say ‘I do’. Do you wish another location? Just look at our Romantic Location Package.

You should choose to have your wedding in Denmark because …

5. Denmark is best same-sex marriage destination country in the world! At Nordic Adventure Weddings we are convinced that true love should have no borders and prejudices. Therefore, we proudly help the LGBT community to arrange their destination wedding in Denmark.

You should get married in Denmark because….

6. Denmark offers the best of all worlds. Exciting and vibrant cities and remote islands, rolling countryside and busy docks. Ultra-modern architecture next to historically rich buildings and castles. Exciting cuisine, world beating green credentials and the prettiest timber-framed towns and cities. Denmark’s diversity is one of the things that makes it so special and Denmark is so small that you will get to see a lot of this beautiful country in a short period of time.

I hope these reasons have been enough persuade you. We love weddings in Denmark so much that we could come up with 6 more, and then 6 more after that!

So, if you think that a wedding in Denmark could be perfect for you, then why not get in touch. We’d love to hear about your wedding plans. Contact us, and let us dream up your wedding!

See our amazing and affordable wedding packages and get inspired.

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