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Boho wedding in Denmark – Grace and Tom’s wedding adventure

Newlyweds in the boat during their Boho wedding in Denmark

The charming and cozy cathedral town of Maribo on the island of Lolland is fondly known as ‘the town of love’ as it hosts so many weddings in Denmark for foreign couples. Abundant with charm and beautiful scenery, it was the perfect location for Grace and Tom’s gorgeous boho style wedding that they booked through our romantic locations wedding package.

A couple walking on the jetty of Maribo lake- the best wedding venue in Denmark

Grace and Tom were a joy to work with and both looked amazing. We loved their look. Grace wore a stunning very pale green soft floaty dress with beautiful sleeves that perfectly suited the laid-back vibe of Maribo. And Tom complemented Grace perfectly in brown trousers and white shirt, with characterful boots, braces and hat.

Boho couple sitting on the stairs of the house in Maribo - the place where foreigners can get married in Denmark

These guys pitched their look so perfectly and both looked totally comfortable and entirely themselves all day. It was lovely to see a couple really enjoying themselves and being fully present in each and every moment of their wedding day.

Carefree Boho weddings in Denmark

A couple embracing in Maribo town hall - one of Danish best city hall for wedding

The wedding ceremony took place in Maribo’s lovely town hall. This charming building has elegant wood floors and rustic oak beams creating a cosy yet stylishly pared back space that was so perfect for Grace and Tom’s wedding ceremony.

A couple reading vows in Maribo city hall while they getting married in Denmark

After a lovely ceremony, Grace and Tom embarked on an adventure wedding photoshoot in Maribo, which included a boat tour on the beautiful serene Maribo Lakes. These island dotted lakes are surrounded by fields, meadows, bogs and woodlands. Add to that frequent glimpses of wildlife and ancient monuments and you have a wonderfully serene and romantic setting for a wedding day boat trip.

Newlyweds toasting with champagne on the boat trip during their elopement wedding abroad in Denmark

Newlyweds embracing on the boat as they get married in Denmark in Maribo town hall, and have an adventure by Maribo lake

Beautiful Danish Island of Lolland Wedding adventure

Back on dry land the adventure photoshoot continued and we really loved the images we got on the jetty, and then in historic Maribo town on the cobbled streets and in front of the Maribo town’s famous characterful houses.

A couple kissing by Maribo lake after their intimate wedding ceremony in Maribo, one of best city hall in Denmark

A couple walking on the Maribo streets after their romantic wedding in Denmark for foreigners

As with all of our wedding packages, we took care of all of the boring paperwork and legal documents for Grace and Tom, allowing them to focus on the fun parts of planning their wedding in Denmark.

Newlyweds kissing by the Maribo lake, after they elope to Denmark to get married abroad

So, if like Grace and Tom, you think a Danish Island wedding could be perfect for you, feel free to browse our website for inspiration. And don’t be shy about getting in touch with us. We’d love to show you how we can turn your dream of an island wedding abroad into a fun, stress free and affordable reality.

Your wedding adventure starts here…

A happy couple on the boat right before they adventure elopement to Maribo lake

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