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Five things to think about when choosing your wedding bouquet.

Updated: May 23, 2021

Nice wedding bouquet placed on the chair right before Danish wedding

Choosing your perfect wedding bouquet is one of the exciting decisions you will make when planning your destination wedding. But since most of us are not experts when it comes to flowers, you can feel overwhelmed by all of the choice on offer.

There are always things that you must consider when creating your perfect bouquet. They are your wedding theme, colour scheme, budget, and your personal taste.

A portrait of newlyweds, where the bride holds her delicate wedding bouquet in pink and pastel colorsю
Tomoko and Jean chose a delicate wedding bouquet in autumn colors for their October elopement

To help you find the perfect bouquet, here are five things you might like to consider.

1. When choosing your wedding bouquet, you should…

think about which flowers match your wedding venue or location. Choose flowers that are in season at your wedding location, so a March wedding in Denmark you may like daffodils, for a late summer wedding, sunflowers and so on. This is especially important if you are having an outdoor wedding ceremony. Having a wedding ceremony in a pretty flower garden or a wildflower meadow suggests that your bouquet should be in keeping with your surroundings. This way it looks so natural and authentic, like the bride just picked the flowers straight from the ground on the morning of the wedding.

Here at Nordic Adventure Weddings, we work with a very skilled local florist who creates beautiful creations that reflect the flora and fauna of the Danish Islands.

A couple holding champagne glasses and white bridal bouquet
Perfect solution for the beach wedding: a white bridal bouquet
A wedding bouquet in the white colors.
The focus on the white roses - a bridal color.

2. When looking for your wedding bouquet, you should…

think about your carbon footprint. It’s insane that flowers are flown around the world for weddings in locations that have their own native flowers.

After the wedding your flowers can be composted or up-cycled by being given to a local hospital or hospice.

Also, to protect the environment you can choose to have silk flowers that if done well look just as good. Dried flowers are especially pretty and work really well with rustic outdoor themed weddings.

Our florist designs each bouquet by hand mostly using locally grown flowers. They also create green wedding centrepieces that are an intriguing arrangement with candles and crafts.

the couple touches each other with their noses and the bride holds a simple wedding bouquet of chrysanthemums
A simple bouquet of local chrysanthemums perfectly underlines the beauty of this couple

A photo of the wedding flowers chrysanthemums with the wedding ring on it.

couple laughing by the sea while the bride is holding a white wedding bouquet
100 % local flowers matching perfectly to the outdoor elopement

A local wedding bouquet in the white and yellow colors
A local wedding bouquet in the white and yellow colors

3. When choosing your wedding bouquet, you should…

look online for inspiration. The best thing about planning a wedding now is that there is no end of inspiration online. Social media is a great resource for finding your perfect bridal bouquet and is full of ideas for all tastes and budgets. Online publications like and have lots of images for you to peruse and wedding forums like are full of inspiration. And there is the very addictive Pinterest which is just the best place to store your ideas and inspiration. And the best thing about all of these, is that they are absolutely free!

unusual wedding bouquet in bright autumn colors, with autumn flowers and berries
An unusual wedding bouquet in bright autumn colors, with autumn flowers and berries

An elegant bridal flowers in boho style
An elegant bridal flowers in boho style

A photo of the wedding flowers in bright, juicy colors
Bright, juicy colors of this wedding bouquet will suit decisive brides

4. When choosing your wedding bouquet, you should think…

think about your dress. Choosing your dress before your bouquet is advisable because the two must work together. The shape, style and details on your wedding dress will determine the design of your bouquet. The dress must take centre stage and your bouquet must compliment it. Make sure your bouquet is narrower than your waist so that it doesn’t ruin your silhouette. Don’t have a bouquet that drowns you out or throws your look out of balance. By that we mean that if you have a dramatic dress, you might want a simpler bouquet. Likewise, if your dress is understated and simple you might want a statement bouquet. Take a picture of your dress with you when having a consultation with your florist. An experienced wedding florist will instinctively know what works and what doesn’t.

A bride with perfect bridal flowers at her wedding in Denmark

Newlyweds after their marriage in Denmark keeping the white wedding bouquet

Lesbian couple getting married in Denmark and each bride holds nice summer wedding flowers

Newlyweds on the beach with red roses bridal flowers, right after their beach wedding in Denmark.

Many of the brides we arrange adventure weddings in Denmark for, choose a relaxed boho style dress so they can explore in it. We find for them that a simple, yet elegant unfussy bouquet of wild locally grown flowers works best.

A couple getting married in Denmark and staying on the balconi of thecastle with a modest wedding bouquet
A modest wedding bouquet perfectly decorates a small wedding in the castle

A bride posing to the photographer with Small winter wedding bouquet
Small winter wedding bouquet is perfect for the bride's eyes

A couple just have their Danish wedding on the beach and the bride holds the wedding bouquet with colorful roses
And you can't do without roses at a wedding on the beach

5. When choosing your wedding bouquet, you should…

think about how you can make it personal. Use blooms that have a particular meaning to you as a couple or are a favourite in the family. Small family heirlooms can be incorporated into wedding bouquets. A much-loved grandmother’s brooch, a lace handkerchief from your parents wedding day. You can use your bouquet to honour wedding traditions. Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, all of these can be naturally built into your bouquet.

Wedding bouquets are where you can find a sweet way to remember loved ones who have passed, as you can discretely include small treasures and memories in your bouquet. It’s a lovely way for you to feel that they have been part of your special day.

Look at this couple and their solution for the winter wedding in Denmark!

A lesbian couple posing to the photograph and each holding the beautiful summer bridal bouquet
Blue and red themes for these Summer bouquets correspond to colors of couple´s countries flags

Look at that Bridal bouquet of warm colors!

So, I hope this blog has been useful to you. Have fun creating your perfect wedding bouquet.

A poertrait of a happy couple at their castle wedding ceremony with colorful bridal bouquet from roses.
A happy couple at their castle wedding ceremony with colorful bridal bouquet from roses.

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