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How to experience the Danish "HYGGE" - the art of being happy.

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Welcome to the Danish Kingdom - a country with advanced ecology, clean air, numerous islands, ancient traditions, sandy beaches, national parks, medieval castles and a distinctive Hygge philosophy. You can even marry in Denmark as a foreign couple!

A photo of the Danish castle

The phenomenon of Danish happiness fits precisely in this word Hygge. Hygge is a philosophy of life that fits into several rules that allow you to create an atmosphere of peace, warmth and friendliness.

Danes top the list of the happiest people in the world.

It would seem that the Danes have no more, or even less, reasons for joy than other Europeans. The Danes have something that residents of other countries do not have: a philosophy of life called “Hygge” that fits into a few simple rules.

"Hygge" comes from the Norwegian word for well-being. Today, interest in it is growing all over the world. Journalists travel around Denmark in search of him, teach a Danish Hygge in one of the colleges in the UK, and bakeries, shops and cafes in the Hygge style appear around the world. But how to create it? There are not many secrets.

Two bracellets lies on the flowers

In an effort to live in pleasure, the Danes pay special attention to creating coziness in their homes. The thing is in the details: the warm light from candles, the aroma of homemade pastries, colourful garlands on the windows, the softness of the sheepskin rug, the crackling of firewood in the fireplace - all this forms a cozy atmosphere in which you can relax and feel happy.

Candles ..... Hygge is associated with candles in 85% of Danes. Candles are lit in homes, schools, offices, cafes and restaurants, not a single home evening can do without them. A few candles in the living room create a warm atmosphere and help to linger in this very moment.

A vindue decoration in Danish cozy home which brings hygge to the people

Two small girls look at candles in a dark room as they hygge in Danish home

The decoration with pumpkins and candles  in the front of the door - this is a hygge

Additional light sources.

The climate in Denmark suggests that the Danes have to put up with a grey sky for most of the year. Therefore, lighting plays a big role in creating a warm, cheerful atmosphere. In addition to candles and chandeliers, there are always several additional light sources in the interior: floor lamps, sconces, table lamps. For Hygge, the temperature of light matters - the lower the better. Try replacing recessed fixtures with lampshades or frosted glass shades. Warm ochre light, a fireplace flame, garlands on the windows - all this is very Hygge.

the couple lies on the sofa in front of the fireplace and bask in the warmth - this is a real Danish hygge

A photo of the warm chocolade and the plaid as symbols of Scandinavian hygge

The word “Hygge” was included in the list of the most popular words in 2016 according to the Oxford Dictionary. Over the past year, 10 books on this topic have been published in the English-speaking world. The most popular book is Anu Partanen's The Nordic Theory of Everything: In Search of a Better Life, which is advised by television presenter Oprah Winfrey.

Hygge is like creating a warm atmosphere, enjoying good moments in life with family. One can only come to a full understanding of this phenomenon if you spend time in a relaxed, intimate atmosphere with those you love.

A street in Copenhagen with cafe tables and candels as a proof of the Danish hygge

How can you experience Hygge?

Family parties, dinner with friends, reading a book, hot tub, knitting a sweater, shaggy carpet, scented candles, plaid, soft slippers, terry bathrobe, cocoa mug, beer, ironed (Scandinavian red wine hot drink), fireplace, wooden house , soft fabrics, wool socks, pastries, Wedding with Nordic Adventure Weddings.

the photo of the feets in the front of the fairplace as a symbol of the Danish hygge

In conclusion, I want to quote the words of one of our clients, who got married in December 2019 and put it this way: "Hygge is when you are drinking hot chocolate from a mug in a small house by the cold sea. On my feet are warm socks, on my shoulders is a cozy warm plaid. Next to me is my loved one. At the feet lies a cat, smells of fresh bread and a tree around".

a couple holds in hands while they experience hugge in the cafe.

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