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Get married in Denmark 20/2/2020 - is the best day to get married

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Because key planets for 'commitment, emotional stability and sacred contracts' will align

We have two spots left for this special day 20.02.2020 - if you are going get married in Denmark.

'Couples who choose to tie the knot on the 20/02/20 are guaranteed to never forget their wedding anniversary – or, at least, don’t have any excuse to'.

20/2/2020 indicates 'empowered commitments, emotional stability and the fulfilment of sacred contracts', and is also a date when Saturn Jupiter, Pluto, Mars and the Moon are all in the same sign'.

The planets align in a way they haven't seen the 1960s 'the age of love'

planets to get married in Denmark

An astrologist has revealed how the perfect date for couples to marry in 2020 is February the 20th, explaining how numerology and astrology come together for the ideal day.

We have a substantial demand in weddings being arranged for 2020, with couples' choice of date proving to be a key factor in the wedding planning.

'In astrology, number two marks the house of Taurus, and as a sign it is ruled by Venus - the goddess of love and beauty, representing patience, tenacity and a dedication to remain loyal and work hard to build an incredible, lasting union.'

The astrologist said: 'In particular, 2020 is set to be a particularly fortuitous time to enter into lasting partnerships and official commitments such as marriage.'

Explaining how the combination of Aquarius and Jupiter is coming together for the first time since the free-spirited decade of the 1960s, the astrologist explained how 2020 would be the year for moving forward.

Couple at their outdoor wedding in Denmark

Revealing how this could mean that couples marrying in 2020 are more likely to last, The astrologist continued: 'Therefore, couples who survived this hard astrological two year stance and stood firm in their resolve to officially unite are not only more likely to weather any storms but to grow together; mentally and spiritually.

'They are starred to develop an unconditional love that goes way deeper than transient romance, which statistically only lasts 18 months, and falters when any real effort is required.

'This also means that couples are likely to have grown and developed a renewed love and respect, so renewing wedding vows is also very well starred.

'2020 is the reboot of the age of Aquarius, and this will promote awareness, tolerance, compassion and equality.'

A couple kissing at their Danish wedding
Getting married in Denmark

Conclusion: 'Due to the alignment of planets in 2020, couples who choose to say 'I do' under this astrological phase are very likely to have been in karmic unions many times over, in many other lifetimes; but this life is the one where they may just get it right'.

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