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How to get married in Denmark?

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Newlyweds making heart with hands as they getting married in Denmark
Lauren and Pedro got married in Denmark

Weddings are the most special occasions of our lives and every couple wishes it to be the best. Denmark has been quite on a list of a lot of people. Hence, we at Nordic Adventure Weddings are here to help you get married in Denmark. Our team and we have dedicated all our time to create the best scenic wedding arrangements for you. From basic town hall ceremonies to intimate weddings, we are excelling at every type of marriage scene. Let us now help you learn, how one can get married in Denmark.

1. Get in Touch with us

To get started with the preparation of your marriage in Denmark, you need to get in contact with us . You need to let us know about the wedding package that you are looking for.

Wedding in Denmark can be very romantic
Marina and Michael are decided elope in Denmark

2. Team Contacts You

After receiving your query, our team will get in contact with you as soon as possible to know more about you and your desires. This is to know if or not your desires are different from what we provide in our Danish wedding packages. Also, let us know about wedding dates so that we can plan accordingly. During this, you can also ask us anything regarding our services, marriage packages, or anything else that you need to know about the marriage in Denmark. This will be an opportunity for you to learn about us more.

3. Legal Paperwork

Depending on the interaction that you had with us, our team will create an Agreement letter and Power of Attorney for you. This will be sent to you by the team so that you can fill it with the needed information and sign it. Once these letters are completed by you, then we can begin with the legal procurement of your wedding documents.

4. Make the Payment in Advance

After you sign the letter of agreement, you will need to compulsorily pay EUR 300 which is going to be your non-refundable booking fee. This fee is for the very basic personal town hall wedding packages. For the rest of our high-end packages, our booking fee is EUR 500. This amount is going to get deducted from your final invoice. The remaining amount has to be submitted by you after your documents get approved by the Danish Authorities. If, in any case, your wedding in time less than four weeks, then you will have to make the entire payment in advance.

Elopement weddings to Denmark are very popular at the moment
The elopement to Denmark was a fantastic idea for Tricia & Jim from USA

5. Submit the Documents

Our team will then provide you with all the legal information regarding the Denmark marriage requirements. This will include the necessary documents which are needed for further procedure. Once you send us the documents, we will then check the documents completely and process them for further submission to the Danish authorities for approval. After your documents get approved, we will confirm the date of your marriage in Denmark. A few of the important documents to be submitted are:

· Declaration of marriage form

· Power of Attorney

· Copies of the passport with attached pictures and/or your ID card

· Documentation for legal entry and residence in Denmark

· Certificate of Residence or any other documents such as a rental bill, electricity bill, etc.

· The civil status certificate is the document that confirms that you are not married before. Few countries do not provide this document and for this, you can talk out with us.

· If you are married previously, then attach the proof of your divorce.

6. Denmark Welcomes You

And this is it; here you are done with the procedure. Now you can get ready for your marriage in Denmark. Nordic Adventure welcomes you to the perfect destination for getting married in the place that you have ever dreamt of.

Marriage in Denmark is a good solution for foreign couples
Couple enjoying their marriage in Denmark

7. Post Wedding Formalities

After getting married in Denmark you need to get an international marriage certificate. This certificate is issued immediately after the wedding ceremony. You can get a certificate in different languages such as Germany, French, English, Danish, and Spanish. Our team can arrange an Apostille on it and you will receive it in just not more than ten days.

This is a simple method that you need to follow to get married in Denmark. Nordic Adventure is here to help you in the best possible way. We are specialized in arranging weddings in Denmark for foreign couples. You can surely get to have the best marriage experience which is scenic, romantic, and historic.

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