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How to plan your wedding abroad in 2022

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

A newlywed showing their rings after getting married abroad in Denmark.

Are you planning on getting married abroad in 2022/2023 but not sure where to start? Have the complications of being in the grip of a worldwide pandemic interfered with your wedding planning? If this sounds like you, we are here to help. We are Nordic Adventure Weddings, experienced destination wedding planners and here are our top five tips for planning your wedding abroad in 2022.

The worldwide pandemic has caused us to live in the most uncertain of times. With different countries adopting different rules and restrictions, and having to change those rules and restrictions sometimes at lightning speed, planning a destination wedding abroad may seem impossible, but it isn’t.

A groom looking at the crying bride while their small wedding abroad in Denmark
The international couple Rita & Benny got married in Denmark during the pandemic.

At a time when so much is cancelled remember that love is not cancelled and couples wishing to marry abroad should not give up. Especially when there is help on hand. Here are our top 5 tips on planning your wedding abroad in 2022.

When planning your wedding abroad in 2022 you should…

1. consider having a micro wedding of up to 20 guests. This way it’s easier to make changes regarding travel restrictions, hotel bookings and to shift the wedding date. Even before the pandemic, micro elopements and small weddings abroad were increasing in popularity. Saying ‘I do’ with your very nearest and dearest creates a more intimate and personal vibe for your wedding day. And there’s nothing more romantic than an elopement wedding.

A group of people staying arounde newlyweds during their castle wedding in Denmark.
Intimate wedding of Ivonne & Aaron in Danish castle Vindeholme

Another thing to consider is that it is unlikely that you will be able to have large wedding celebration anywhere in 2022. The vaccination rollouts are an enormous relief but even in countries that have made a quick start, it’s unlikely large gatherings will be allowed any time soon.

If you’ve been forced to downscale your 2022 wedding abroad because of the restrictions around the pandemic you can still enjoy a large evening celebration at a later date. This will give you a chance to have the wedding abroad you want, and to celebrate your marriage with all of your friends and family but at a later date. Imagine having a beautiful wedding abroad and then coming home and having a party to look forward to.

If you want to get married abroad in 2022 you should

2. choose a flexible wedding planner who can think on their feet and find flexible solutions to potential obstacles.

A happy bride looking back and smiling after wedding in Denmark, the easiest country to get married abroad in.

Rules and regulations change quickly, so we always put a clause into our contracts with clients that reassures them that when things have to be changed at very little notice, they won’t incur additional costs. Last minute obstacles like having travel restrictions put in place, or the venue having to close, or the wedding date needing to be changed, or the number of guests reduced, need to be dealt with quickly, without any fuss and without you having to suffer unforeseen costs. Good wedding planners can do that!

When planning your wedding abroad in 2022 you should…

3. choose the country where all official paperwork can be done quickly. The easiest countries in the world to get married abroad in are Denmark, Gibraltar and Las Vegas. Here at Nordic Adventure Weddings, we can plan your wedding with just two weeks’ notice! This is because if you work with a professional wedding planner and you can get approval to get married in Denmark in just five working days! What can I say, us Dane’s must be romantics at heart!

If you want to get married abroad in 2022 you should…

4. look at how your chosen country has fared in the pandemic. From experience we can only speak about Denmark. Denmark acted decisively and early to news of the pandemic and has a very well-funded health care system which made it better placed to deal with the pandemic. Denmark continues to be cautious with social distancing and mask wearing in public indoor spaces. Denmark is currently admitting tourists on proof of a negative coronavirus test and is cautiously moving back to normality in 2022 at a faster rate than most other countries.

When planning your wedding abroad in 2022 you should…

5. remember that you don’t have to budget separately for a wedding and a honeymoon because when you have your wedding abroad you get a wedding and a honeymoon in one price. Our wedding packages abroad make pricing very clear.

A groom holding his bride and looking in her eyes while their marriage in Denmark.
A newlyweds on the Stevns klint in Denmark

We hope our tips for planning your wedding abroad have been helpful. If you’re are planning civil marriage or destination wedding in Denmark, or just want to know more about getting married in Denmark. Contact us now by clicking this link

We’d love to hear from you to talk about how we could turn your dream of getting married abroad into a reality.

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