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Ideas for a small wedding abroad

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

American couple make an escimo kissing while their adventure elopement in Denmark
Tricia & Jim from Chicago chose the Danish islands for their intimate wedding

Planning a Small Destination Wedding? 8 Ideas for your Amazing Nordic Wedding Day

Even before a worldwide pandemic placed restrictions on the number of people who can safely gather in one place, smaller, intimate weddings abroad were a trend that was starting to take hold. From the elimination of wedding parties to pared-down guest lists, happy couples are shedding the hassles that come along with an overcrowded ceremony.

Determining the size of your guest list is one of the biggest factors in planning every other detail of your wedding. From the venue and caterer to your overall budget, it all must be set around the total number of guests who will share your special day.

Small weddings are romantic and economical, and allow you to get creative with your celebration. Ideas for making it unique include a small destination wedding on Danish islands.

An aerial view to Moen island - the ideal venue for your wedding abroad
An aerial view to Moen island

Small Intimate Wedding Ideas

Destination weddings are the ideal way to keep your guest list small while creating an experience you will remember for a lifetime. Nordic Adventure Weddings has some unique ideas for your small intimate destination wedding. Our award-winning wedding planners can design a romantic and unique ceremony under the Nordic skies, on a Viking ship, or in a castle. We can arrange an intimate wedding for two or a small wedding for a group between 20 to 50 people.

1. Get Married Viking-Style

The group of people  onboard of the viking ship
Helge Ask is an unique original viking ship

Get married Viking-style aboard the Helge Ask, one of Denmark’s most stunning Viking longships. A small Viking warship, the Helge Ask is adorned with a dragonhead on its sail and painted in vivid red and yellow ochre colors. It's a great idea for an intimate wedding. Teamwork is required of the happy couple, and what better time to start a lifetime of working as a team than on your wedding day! Take turns manning the many oars, and assisting with the ropes, sail, and rudder. It's a unique, world-class experience.

2. Get Married in a Castle

An aerial view to Kronborg castle where you can get married
Kronborg Castle is an ideal venue for the wedding in denmark

Kronborg Castle is an excellent backdrops for a romantic and intimate wedding or elopement, they are suitable for an elopement wedding for 2 to 8 guests. Your wedding ceremony can be held indoors or outdoors, with each option offering gorgeous views that will make for amazing wedding photos.

3. Get Married on Horseback

Newlyweds on the horseback during their elopement abroad
Romantic elopement on a horse back

Arrive on horseback at the destination of your choice for a small, intimate elopement. Whether beachside, in the forest, or at a nature park, couples can add some excitement and adventure to their special day by riding into the scene on horseback.

4. Get Married on a Mysterious Island

A view to the Danish island of Bornholm - a best place for the destination wedding abroad
A mysterious Danish island Bornholm is a best choice for the adventurous intimate wedding

One of the most picturesque places on earth, Bornholm is a mystical Danish island and sought-after destination wedding venue. Couples can enjoy the sounds of the sea and the beauty of the cliffs during an intimate wedding ceremony for two. Bornholm is capable of hosting wedding parties with guest lists of up to 50 people. See our special wedding package on Bornholm.

5. Get Married in an ancient Church

An ancient Church in Denmark is an unique wedding venue for couples eloping abroad
An ancient Church is a perfect place for the intimate wedding

Want a church wedding without the religious ceremony? The ancient Church at Stevns klint is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the locations where civil ceremonies are permitted regardless of religion, sexuality, or nationality. Rich in history, this site offers a balcony with amazing views of the Baltic Sea. See our couple Lucy and Joshua getting married there.

6. Get Married on a First-Class Train

1st class carriage of a train arrived from 1920…
Wedding at the 1st class carriage of a train arrived from 1920…

Experience a small wedding in the first-class carriage of a 1920s train from Denmark's oldest railway. The happy couple and their guests can take a ride on this original, one-of-a-kind carriage that once was used by the Queen of Denmark during her travels.

7. Get Married Medieval-Style

A knight tournir in Denmark
Join us for a trip back in time. Year is 1408…

Party like it's 1408 with a wedding set in a Danish Medieval Town. Couples and their guests will enjoy a truly authentic Medieval-style wedding that is suitable for small parties.

You get the best medieval experience ever. See, feel, taste and smell the middle ages! The small Medieval town will be full of life. Meet the inhabitants and listen to their stories about their lives. Get married as the descendants of the warlike Vikings have done for centuries! We are in the year 1408....

8. Get Married in Copenhagen

A view to the Copenhagen street in the evening

Experience the rich history and amazing views of Copenhagen for your unique small wedding. Wedding packages that include registration in the charming town hall and a three-hour tour of the city with a private tour guide can help make your small wedding memorable.

Small Destination Wedding Planners

Nordic Adventure Weddings believes there is no such thing as a “too small” wedding. Whether you are eloping and desire an intimate wedding for two, or would like a destination wedding with 20 guests, we can help.

Contact us today to start planning the small wedding of your dreams.

A groom giving his bride a horse back during their marriage in Denmark

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