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Kellie and Dean Adventure Elopement in Bornholm.

Updated: May 21, 2022

Kellie and Dean from USA posing during their adventure elopement on Bornholm island.

Kellie and Dean, a newlywed couple from the USA, more specifically, Texas, recently came up with the decision to have their marriage in the beautiful Bornholm Island of Denmark.

Bornholm Island is arguably one of the best places in the world for an adventure wedding. The nature is very unique, the views are fantastic, and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. The island is full of trees and forests which stretch beautifully across the coast of the Baltic Sea, making it the perfect site for a peaceful, yet exciting, adventure elopement.

Aerial view of the Hammershus castle ruins - the perfect venue for an adventure elopement.
Aerial view of the Hammershus castle ruins

Opal lake in Bornholm island which is ideal for your adventure elopement.
Opal lake in Bornholm.

A coastal side of Svaneke town.
A coastal side of Svaneke town.

Typical Danish colourful houses
Typical Danish colourful houses

Both Kelly and Dean love to travel so it was only right that they chose the Scandinavian Saga Package out of the many adventure packages available.

A couple sitting on the bridge and enjoying their elopement abroad to Bornholm

A couple kissing in the front of ships during their adventure elopement wedding

A groom showing the horisont to the bride sitting on the top of ruins as during the adventure elopement abroad.

During their time in Denmark, on Bornholm Island, Kelly and Dean enjoyed their stay at the butik-hotel Falcon , where they were situated in a room of the highest quality with a beautiful sea view very near to the Baltic Sea.

A couple on the stairs of the Falcon hotel where they live during their adventure elopement.

A wedding couple kissing in the Falcon hotel on Bornholm during their overseas wedding in Denmark

A couple relaxing in the garden of the hotel Falcon on Bornholm during their adventure elopement

The Falcon Hotel is one of the most highly regarded hotels in Denmark. This hotel is known for being highly recommended to travellers who love to go on adventures and spend their time doing many fun and creative outdoor activities.

A couple looking to the Sea during their stay in the Falcon hotel since they elope in Europe

The Falcon Hotel offers comfort to those who really need it the most, especially the people who spend most of their energy throughout the day going on adventures and enjoying themselves in the wonderful nature of Bornholm Island.

Bornholm Island Adventure Elopement

Kelly and Dean both love to try new things and to create new adventures which is exactly why they chose to have their adventure elopement in Denmark on Bornholm Island. They wanted to experience something new together unlike anything before, while at the same time romantically tying the knot and confirming their love for each other.

A lucky bride with the bouquet in the harbour of Hammershus ruins

A couple getting married in Denmark on Bornholm island, in castle ruins

They were both more than satisfied with their decision to get married in Bornholm Island and they clearly enjoyed themselves during the whole experience. After they said their vows to each other in an amazing area of ancient Danish Hammershus Castle Ruins, then the two of them walked along the romantic coast of the Baltic Sea, eventually making it to a small harbour filled with small boats. They took pictures together there, and enjoyed the exquisite scenery of the Baltic Sea.

Newlyweds toasting on the top of castle ruins on Bornholm, during their adventure wedding in Denmark.

Newlyweds sitting on the boat in the small harbour as they elope in Europe to Denmark.

Kelly and Dean shared some beautiful memories on their adventure elopement in Denmark, and the memories which they created together there will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

A couple posing on the top of castle ruins on Bornholm, the best place to elope abroad.


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