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Kronborg Castle Elopement of Mr M. and Miss G.

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Couple posing in the front of Kronborg castle during their elopement abroad in Denmark
The couple in the front of Kronborg castle

We always love arranging weddings in the castle, and our favorite is a Kronborg Castle. Otherwise known as Hamlet’s Castle as it is the castle that William Shakespeare set Hamlet in. Though in his play it is anglicised to ‘Elsinore Castle.’

Hamlet Castle, or Elsinore Castle

Aerial view to the Elsinore castle - the perfect location for the castle wedding
Aerial view to the Elsinore castle

Situated in the port city of Hesignør, the castle dates back to 1420. Historically, ships would pass through the narrow straight into the Baltic Sea and pay their tolls at the castle making Helsingør one of the most important towns in Europe. Its fascinating history has earned it UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

Getting Married in the Castle

Couple walking from Elsinore castle after their wedding ceremony in the castle

Mr M and Miss G who live and work in Germany chose to get married at Kronborg Castle through our Castle Wedding package that sees couples having a fairy-tale Danish castle wedding.

Both are fans of history so it was the perfect wedding venue for them.

Miss G’s sister made the wedding dress in a gorgeous vintage style that gave her a perfect silhouette and it was complimented with the chicest hat. And Mr M didn’t disappoint in a very dapper three-piece blue suit complete the flat cap and bow tie.

Couple toasting while they get married in the castle
Toasting in the historical room of the castle

Their style on the day, that we would describe as vintage glamour, really suited the castle’s opulent and impressive interiors. Effortlessly stylish and chic, this pair looked like the owned the place!

A couple posing in the historical room of Kronborg castle at their wedding in the castle

Their intimate wedding ceremony was held in one of the castles historic rooms.

This was followed by a tour of the castle where they stopped to enjoy a first dance as a married couple in one of the gorgeous rooms that had amazing period features like grand chandeliers, an ornate fireplace, a checkerboard floor and wall art.

The room was bathed in natural light through the large feature windows. Here take a look!

Couple dancing during their marriage in the Kronborg castle
A first dance as a married couple

After the castle tour, the pair headed down to the beach with our adventure wedding photographer with them to capture every beautiful moment.

We loved the image we got of them on the way to the beach, as they passed the traditional colourful Danish houses, and stopped for a second to perch on a bike.

Walking on the street after wedding in Danish castle
At the street of Helsingør

Couple sitting on the rocks after they got married in the Danish castle Elsinore
Hello, Baltic Sea!

We loved arranging and capturing Miss G and Mr M’s beautiful Danish castle wedding. If you’ve dreamed of getting married in a castle or are looking for elopement abroad ideas for your wedding, we hope we’ve given you some inspiration.

A groom kissing his bride in the front of Kronborg castle where they got married

We loved arranging Miss M and Mr G’s beautiful Kronborg Castle wedding. We’ll leave the last words to them. Here’s what they had to say about working with us.

“Our marriage was far better than we had ever dreamed of. We had a day at Kronborg Castle that we will remember with joy and excitement for a lifetime... We felt like a princess and a prince from the Middle Ages... We would like to express our utmost gratitude for all your contributions to making our marriage an unforgettable day!

Thank you, Lena, for your support from the very beginning on all the details required for our marriage. Thanks to you, we did not deal with any paperwork and easily planned all the details such as photographer, make-up artist, hotel. Moreover, you instantly shared the information that Denmark would close the border with Germany and made us immediately set off to make our marriage possible!”

A happy couple just married in the Danish castle Kronborg

If you think a Danish Castle wedding could be the perfect location for your elopement wedding abroad, why not get in touch.

We’d love to hear about your wedding plans.

Photo: Elena Belevantseva

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