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Maribo Town Hall wedding for Joana and Thomas

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

denmark town hall wedding for Joana and Thomas

Thomas is German, Joana is from the Philippines, and the pair lives in Germany.They chose to get married in Denmark inJanuary, on the beautiful Danish Island of Lolland and booked it through our town hall wedding package, choosing lovely Maribo Town Hall for their Danish Island elopement wedding.

International wedding couple posing in the front of town hall Maribo in Denmark

Maribo Town Hall is perfect for romantic elopements with its wood floor and rustic oak beams - it creates a cosy and stylish location for an intimate wedding ceremony.

A couple having live stream from their town hall wedding in Denmark

The town of Maribo has earned itself the nickname of ‘the town of love’ by locals, as it’s a popular location for foreign couples looking to marry abroad. And since it’s abundant with charm and beautiful scenery it’s no surprise to see why.

A newlyweds looking at Maribo lake after they hold their wedding in Denmark

Beautiful elopement wedding in Maribo

Joana and Thomas blended their cultures in their wedding with Joana looking amazing in traditional Filipino dress and Thomas looking very smart in traditional German local village wear. Both carefully colour co-ordinated to match the other, the pair of them looked great and made the blending of their two cultures look so stylish and effortless.

A couple exchanging rings in Maribo town hall wedding in Denmark

A couple having fun during their town hall wedding in Denmark

A couple in the middle of Maribo town hall during their wedding in Denmark

They said their vows on a traditional Filipino mat and Joana was barefoot. Although there were no guests the ceremony was livestreamed to loved ones all around the world.

Romantic setup for Maribo town hall wedding in Denmark

A Mixed culture fusion wedding in Denmark

After the ceremony, Joana and Thomas took a walk around the town of Maribo with one of our amazing adventure wedding photographers. Maribo’s characterful winding cobbled streets, half-timber framed houses painted in bright colours and serene lakeside location providing us with endless beautiful backdrops in the images.

Newlyweds kissing on the Maribo street after their intimate wedding in Denmark

Newlyweds having fun walking on Maribo streets after their town hall wedding in Denmark

These guys were so much fun to work with and were really up for the photoshoot. This helped our photographer capture some amazing images that we know both Joana and Thomas are totally thrilled with.

A fun Danish Island elopement wedding

If, like Joana and Thomas, you think an elopement wedding in Denmark is for you, then why not take some time to browse the pages of our site for inspiration from real weddings that we have created for couples looking to marry in Denmark.

And feel free to get in touch, we’d love to hear about your wedding plans and show you how we can turn your dream of getting married abroad into a stress free and affordable adventure.

Foreign couple having fun in Maribo after they get married in Denmark town hall

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