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Miriam and Douglas’ Danish Forest Elopement

a poertrait of the couple at their Danish forest elopement abroad

Miriam and Douglas, a sweet couple from Ireland, decided to get married abroad in Denmark and chose one of our special elopement packages that are ideal for couples that just want to get away and celebrate their love with each other.

A groom placing a flower in the bride´s hair at their forest wedding on Danish island

Their wedding ceremony was a very special one, as it was in a forest in a private area of the woods with easy access to a beach. This venue belongs to a local baron. His grandfather built the cute hut along with the bath house, which their family still uses sometimes when they have enough free time to relax. But, couples often use this intimate area for their intimate wedding abroad as it's where the forest meets the sea.

Relaxed newlywed sitting on the beach with bubbles after they elope abroad to get married in Denmark in the forest

A newly married couple walking on the Danish island beach after they get married

The wedding ceremony of Miriam and Douglas took place in the middle of the summer on July 8th, 2021. The location of the wedding ceremony was a perfect summer location as the great green trees of the forest were able to create the perfect amount of shade for a nice and cool celebration during the warm summer day. There was even a fire which made the ceremony even more special.

A picture of the wedding ceremony in the forest for couples who wish get married abroad

A couple exchanging rings at the forest wedding venue on danish island for weddings

A couple signing official documents needed to get married in Denmark

A couple toasting with the officiant at their Danish wedding in the forest

A Danish Elopement Abroad

The couple truly had an absolutely wonderful experience on their special day. They strolled together in the heart of the forests of Denmark, continuing into empty fields of green grass with amazing views and scenery, after which they settled into a nice little area surrounded by trees and nature where they said their wedding vows to each other and shared champagne together.

A couple embracing at the woodland wedding venue for elopements abroad

A couple drinking champagne in the woodland wedding venue as they elope to get married abroad

A bride bouquet on the tree stump at the forest wedding venue

After saying their vows to each other and signing the necessary paperwork needed in order to make their marriage abroad official, the couple enjoyed a special photo shoot together, while they continued to walk through the beautiful forests of Denmark.

The bride kissing the groom in the forest where they hold their nordic wedding abroad

They smiled, laughed and picked flowers together, completely filled with joy and excitement. The couple could not contain their happiness as they continued their promenade all the way to the beautiful beaches along the vast coast of the sea, whereafter they sat at the edge of a pier together and enjoyed each other’s company in the middle of a charming town harbor.

A couple sitting on the pierce in Danish harbour, after they decide elope abroad to get married

A couple on the pierce without shoes, relaxing after their nordic wedding abroad

A couple kissing on the pierce after their romantic adventure elopement in Denmark

Intimate Forest Wedding

The couple’s all-inclusive elopement package featured accommodation at a romantic treehouse in the heart of a forest. The Hide Away Forest Elopement Package for two is perfect for couples that prefer a private wedding and enjoy experiencing nature and its beauty. It offers two nights in a private, luxury Nordic tree hut, which is surrounded with a glass roof and glass walls, providing amazing views of the beautiful scenery of Denmark’s beautiful forests. Bathrobes, fresh flowers and white wine are also provided at the tree hut along with champagne, breakfast and brunch on the wedding day and a romantic dinner topped off with red wine.

A romantic tree hut as a perfect accommodation for couples who will get married in the forest

A couple in the front of tree hut where they staying during their adventure elopement and intimate forest wedding in Denmark

A couple posing on the bridge just before their intimate forest wedding in Denmark

After the wedding, a 2-hour photo shoot is done, with a professional wedding photographer, in multiple locations, from the ceremony, to the exploring of nearby hidden locations.

Newlyweds in the field, walking after they have romantic nordic wedding in Denmark

Miriam and Douglas had a wonderful time getting married abroad in Denmark. They will remember this special forest elopement abroad forever, as it was quite an amazing experience for the newlywed couple.

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