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Quick marriage in Denmark for foreign couples - Get married in 10 days.

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Anja & Ryan holding hands during their fast town hall marriage in Denmark.
Anja & Ryan’s fast civil marriage in Denmark.


Thinking about the fastest way to get married? Whether you are living in the UK, US, Germany, Brazil, any other country - the solution is to get married in Denmark.

We, Nordic Adventure Weddings, are specialists in organizing easy and fast civil weddings for foreign- and same-sex couples, and offer affordable Denmark wedding packages.

A fast marriage in Denmark is the best option for those international couples who want to quickly formalize a relationship and get married fast.

Quick Marriages in Denmark

Thousands of couples from all over the world elope abroad to Denmark every year because they know that this is the quickest way to get married for them.

Courtney & Patryk kissing during their fast marriage in Denmark.
Courtney & Patryk kissing during their fast marriage in Denmark.

These are usually international couples like Courtney & Patryk for whom, due to bureaucracy, it becomes practically impossible to enter into an official union in the country where they live.

Did you know that in the UK, the search term Getting married quickly UK ranks quite high? No wonder why couples from Great Britain very often come to Denmark to arrange their marriage here, quickly and without delay.

The same applies to many other countries, in particular Germany, where marriage laws are very complicated.

Marrying quickly is a very pressing need for many couples. Very often, the host country sets unrealistic requirements for the bride or groom or asks for documents that cannot be obtained. In Denmark, thanks to liberal marriage laws, you will avoid such a bureaucracy.

Internationally Recognized Fast Marriage

Danish marriage certificates are 100% recognized in most countries of the world. After marriage in Denmark, people are considered as an officially registered married couple with all of the legal consequences that the official registration of marriage gives. This includes: inheritance rights, tax benefits, preferential health insurance for families, and, of course, obtaining a Residence Permit in your country for a spouse and their children, in the case of international couples.

Getting Married Quickly in Denmark

The required time that needs to pass between submitting your paperwork and having your marriage varies depending on the town hall and district. Some town halls need 3-4 weeks to process your paperwork before you can get married, others need 4-8 weeks, depending on the season of the year. Nordic Adventure Weddings can help you get married fast within 8-10 days of submitting your paperwork.

Elias & Mary showing their happy smiles and wedding rings after their quick marriage in Denmark.
Elias & Mary showing their happy smiles and wedding rings after their quick marriage in Denmark.

Compare this with Germany and many other countries, where marriage applications can be pending for an incredibly long period of time, even years, often requiring documents that may be difficult, if not possible, to collect.

We will relieve you of stress and the need to run and collect unnecessary documents. You can familiarize yourself with the general list of necessary documents, but we will provide you with the exact list of documents in accordance with your circumstances after our first conversation upon hearing your circumstances.

Adventure Wedding Packages

Even if you choose the express option of getting married quickly in Denmark, despite the short time frame, we still can organize a very romantic wedding for you. Simply choose one of our incredible Nordic adventure wedding packages to mark your special day.

A groom holding an umbrella for his bride, getting married quickly,  during their elopement abroad in Denmark
Lisa & Elia during their open-air wedding in the Danish Islands.

Ready For Your Quick Marriage in Denmark?

Contact us and we will take care of the rest.

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